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Identity of RAW Referee, News on Orton Turning, SmackDown Rating

– The September 14th episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 1.96 cable rating with 2.69 million viewers.

– The referee who “screwed” CM Punk in the main event of last night’s RAW was Brad Maddox. Maddox has been refereeing in WWE developmental and on WWE TV a lot more lately. Maddox is a former FCW 15 Champion and a two-time FCW Tag Team Champion.

– Sources close to Randy Orton note that he desperately wants to go heel and that may be happening before the year is over. The plan has been for Orton to turn once Sheamus was popular enough to carry SmackDown on his own.

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  • Bill

    If Orton does turn heel & feud with Sheamus, maybe that will make Sheamus ready to carry SD.

  • Shay R.

    lol @Jimbo and TheSheepDog

  • Hank Moody

    Just what we need, Orton heel. Because you just CAN’T make Barrett the top heel, can you? FFS.

  • TheSheepDog

    if you are referring to me jambo, then frankly no, no i do not think it was part of any plan and i will not elaborate further, because you made such an asinine assertion.

  • Jimbo

    Oh wow, the blind marks will believe anything. You think if Ziggler flipped off some fans it would be OK? Vince would make him drop the briefcase. Orton is the most protected wrestler ever. Next I bet you’ll say his 60 day suspension was part of the plan too.

  • TheSheepDog

    yea people forget wwe have been using plants in the seats near the front row for years now, so whose to say they were not plants and being used to begin a heel turn. People forget too that wwe on the whole is predetermined, not just finishes and segments, but pretty much the whole show.
    Anyways VKM knows a heel Orton does more for business than a face one, same with Punk.

  • TheSheepDog

    Thing is Sheamus needs a decent to good heel rival, in order to get more over. Beating D Bryan and now in pointless shit with ADR, neither were or are top class heels, a heel Orton could be what Sheamus needs to establish himself. I would personally prioritise Barret as a good believable heel, Ziggler is lost because he is suppose to be heel, but he would get a much bigger pop then sheamus when he finally wins the WHC.

    They missed a good feud imo when Orton took Christians title after two days, that pissed many off for real, so from there Christian and Orton feud would have been better i think. Although i do prefer heel christian, but the cocky smug guy, not the weepy cant win fairly version.

  • sdd619

    Probably why he flipped off the fans at NOC

  • Tom

    “The plan is to turn Orton once Sheamus is popular enough to carry Smackdown! by himself”- So never?