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iMPACT Attendance in NC, Hogan Suing a Car Dealership, Steiner Comments

– The Fayetteville Observer reports that 3,500 fans attended Thursday night’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

– Scott Steiner shared his thoughts on TNA going live with the following on his Twitter: “On the road -did Tv tapings in Fayetteville NC on thursday-TNA needs to go live on thursdays.”

– Hulk Hogan is suing Southland Imports and Suntrup Automotive Group in Florida because he says a commercial they have uses Hogan’s likeness and implies that he endorses them by imitating his voice and using his catch phrases. Hogan cites heavy use of the word “brother”, referring to a man’s muscles as “guns” and a reference to “Hulkamaniacs.”

Hogan is seeking an unspecified amount of damages. Hogan lost his case against Post Cereals last year for the “Hulk Boulder” Cocoa Pebbles cereal character.

  • J

    CC you are the cunt, Hogan has done more for this business then any other pro wrestler alive or dead today. CC = Cunt, Cunt

    Hogan is the man


    I was a huge Hogan fan back in the day (my childhood in the 80s), but now I absolutely cannot stand the guy. All Hogan needs to do is realize that his time has long since passed and go away. Hell it’s easy to see on Impact every week he can barely walk his old a$$ to the ring just to cut a boring promo!

    Do us all a favor and GO AWAY HOGAN!!!

  • kyle

    i guess TNA dosent eat there vitamins and say there prayers like hulk thought he has to sue a car dealership to get the money

  • CC

    Cause he is a cunt.
    He is also a shit wrestler, and has refused to put more people over than every other wrestler out there.
    You only have to read the various autobiographies out there to see that even people that like him have a lot of bad shit to say about tricks he has pulled over the years.

  • TomC

    WHY do some of you hate Hulk Hogan so passionately?

    Seriously … WHY?

  • CC

    I hate Hogan with a passion, but if people are making money off of his image without permission, he has every right to sue.
    McDonalds has done it with cheap ass burger chains mimicking their golden arches and this is no different. Business is business, and trying to piggy back someone elses success to further your own business is not right.

    Is it going to hurt Hogan or McDonalds? Doubtful, but there is a reason for people copyrighting and trademarking things.

  • slim

    3,500 fans is awesome brother!!

  • Gary

    @V-R-A Fail attempt on being a smart ass, he is suing because they are making MONEY off his likeness not just doing it to poke fun…..also as stated before Hulk didnt lose his suit against Post Cereals, it was settled out of court IE large payment and pulling of commercial

  • V-R-A

    Look here Wrestlemaniacs! I think Hogan just wants his reputation to be intact, I mean; that’s what we all want right brother? It doesn’t matter that he need to go in for surgery to get shoulder surgery on his right python does it?

    Haha oh no! Hogan is going to sue me cuz I used his “likeness” in my posting!!!

  • The B.O.B.

    Steiner wants to go live . .what a joke, he can’t even get tapped interviews correct anymore

  • TomC

    Oh right, cheese, because NO ONE wants a “payday” but Hulk Hogan, right?

    geez ur stupid

  • YourWorstEnemy

    thats what i was wondering jim

  • jim

    since when did hogan start calling buff arms guns???ive always known him to call them pythons.

  • cheesehandler

    poor poor hogan…lookin for any means of a payday now-a-days huh….sad


    Um Hogan didn’t lose, the case was settled out of court, and the commercial was taken off the air.