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Impact Rating Increases, Celebrity “Boozes” Before Match For TNA

— Last night’s episode of TNA iMPACT! drew a 1.26 cable rating, up from the previous week’s 1.13. The episode averaged 1,545,000 viewers over the course of two hours.

— Angelina of Jersey Shore told TMZ that she was so nervous before her wrestling debut at last night’s iMPACT! taping that she had a cocktail and an energy pill before getting in the ring.

She also expressed concern over her $500 hair extensions being torn.


  • slim

    Vince must be giving free spray tan sessions.

  • slim

    Although many raw “superstars” have that orange look lately.

  • slim

    Just a show full of orange people.

  • slim

    Jersey shore is faker than wrestling lol

  • Ashlee schaffer bmw

    Agreed with buttercastle the saddest part of this story is how someone from jersey shore is called a celebrity. Is it come to a point where people think these losers are entertaining? All I see is people arguing and fighting for no reason making drunken asses of themselves…

  • tomc2

    stings return ,jersey shore ,TNA better come better than that to be relevant.

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t see what the big deal is about with jersey shore and what it even has to do with wrestling.

  • slim

    I’m still waiting for that 2.0

  • TomC

    So EASY for you to say at this moment – how (non) clever of you.

    Of course, when it DOES get to a 2.0, you’ll throw out – “when the rating gets to a 3.0, we’ll talk.”

  • When the rating goes up to a 2, we’ll talk.

  • Zach


    But no one keeps that in mind when TNA’s rating dips…

  • TomC

    Yes, just as MOST programs do – so why are you bustin’ my chops?

  • Red Rooster Fan Club

    I’m with Cody. And how is this Angelina thing even worth mentioning? Like this is the first time anyone has ever had a drink and an energy pill. LOL! Roddy Piper and Iron Shiek used to do tons of blow before going out to the ring… BFD.

  • slim

    TomC never mentions when the ratings go down. Their not getting any better. They go up and down a few points each week, just as WWEs do.

  • RPM

    rating went up because neither matt or jeff was on it

  • kyle


  • cheesehandler


    you spend alot of your day on this site dont you

  • jim

    cody whacks it to WWE logos

  • TomC

    oh har har har, Cody .. gee, ur sooooooooooooo funny ….


  • yep

    i hope matt hardy doesnt think the rating is due to him. the draw is the jersey shore chicks for the kids

  • Cody

    Nobody notices the increase because its so insignificant it isn’t worth mentioning.

  • jim

    yeah they did tom..they are busy bashing the girl drinking a cocktail.had the rating dropped they would notice.

  • TomC

    um, anybody miss this ?? . . .

    Last night’s episode of TNA IMPACT! drew a 1.26 cable rating, up from the previous week’s 1.13.

  • Callum Leslie

    Since when was one cocktail boozing?

  • slim

    This story makes me LOL damn funny stuff. Keep it comming TNA!!

  • scooter

    wow its amazing to see how celebritys are just like us I can’t enjoy TNA sober either….