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iMPACT Tapings Tonight, Hulk Hogan Praises TNA’s Lockdown PPV, More

– Former TNA Knockout Roxxi turns 32 years old today.

– Stan sent word that there was 1 hour, 34 minutes and 59 seconds of in-ring action at Sunday’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view.

– TNA will tape this week’s iMPACT tonight from Orlando and next week’s iMPACT tomorrow night.

– Hulk Hogan wrote the following on Twitter after TNA Lockdown: “HulkHogan4Real TNA LOCKDOWN SET THE NEW STANDARD FOR WHAT A PPV SHOULD BE!!!!!!!!!! HH”

  • Nicholas G

    @erik I don’t blame you for not wanting Hogan and Bichoff has not had a good idea since the NWO that was it. But neither one knows how to push young talent. I also watch Wrestlemania 27 an what I sew is what I already knew. WWE are really trying to push there young talent and it still shows a lot of those young talent are still very green. If it wasn’t for HHH vs Undertaker and the Rock nobody would have watch it. Also I felt Randy Orton vs CM Punk was a dam good match. Put Cena vs The Miz sew that coming a mile away. I knew the Miz was going to walk out WWE champion just knew it.

    But back to TNA they need to get rid of Hogan Bichoff, Flair and a lot of those old WWE who really don’t give a dam about TNA really. All Hogan has done is stroke his ego and it is killing TNA.

  • erik

    @nicholasg i didn;t want hogan and bichoff to come to tna in first place. Because i knew what happen to wcw when they were in wcw and it ended terrible. i will say wwe wrestlemania27 was nothing special. but i will say if tna would get rid of hogan bichoff and flair and meth and fat hardy tna would be better off in my opinion.

  • Nicholas G

    When Hulk Hogan start Praising a PPV then I will go the other way saying it suck. Gee I wonder how is it TNA marks get bend out of shape when WWE marks start talking about TNA so dam much. Oh it is ok for TNA marks to bash WWE but it is not ok for WWE marks to bash TNA. The reason why is WWE marks still have facts on there side look at the numbers it don’t lie. The numbers for TNA spells trouble. The fact that Hogan and Angle are worried about what is happening in WWE more than TNA tells you something is not right in TNA. The fact that no young talent has been push in TNA in years tells you TNA has no real plan on building young talent. To me if Hogan worried less about WWE an more about TNA he might get some where. Heck maybe the reason why Jeff Jarrett won against Angle is because that is who Hogan is facing when he return to the ring. Oh I remember back at WM 12 when Vince and Jerry Lawler had that stagement when the made fun of Ted Tunner had Hogan coming down to ring side to face Macho Man both walking in walkers who knew that the whole thing might be coming true. Oh TNA is looking more and more pathetic. An the TNA marks can dis it out but can not take it. Why because like I said TNA marks don’t have facts only pipe dream.

  • luckysalt

    Lockdown was VERY average. It should have been a lot better.

  • jimbo jones

    lock down was an OK ppv. i wish they would stop trying to make angle look like a chump losing to jarrett all of the time though(because we all know if there was a “real” wrestling match between the 2, jarrett would have to eat a butt-ton of wheaties to catch up to angle.)other than that i think it was a decent ppv. atleast there was actually a main event this time, and its better than that michael cole crap on wwe tv right now.

  • The Great One

    meh i think we alll know what he means, it set the standard in tna, which tbh, is not very high, last month they had a main event between a 52 year old and a guy high out his box that last 55 seconds.

  • Crazy James

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what people on here are going to say about what hogan said (lockdown setting the standard). I’m a huge TNA fan, but I can’t wait to see the WWE people come out the bushes and bash it straight to hell. I won’t be mad or irritated either.

  • ADYG95

    I bet some WWE marks are gonna comment on here and say TNA suck for only having 1 and a half hours of wrestling but how about Wrestlemania a 4 hour PPV only had what 2 and a bit hours of wrestling? and btw it was 1 hour and 35 minutes and 32 seconds.

  • shawn

    happy birthday x-pac!