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Impact Wrestling Draws Lowest Rating Of 2012, Daniels Discusses His Injuries

— The March 1 episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 0.993 cable rating, which marks as the program’s lowest number of 2012. Last week’s show drew a 1.19.

Impact Wrestling averaged 1.33 million viewers over the course of two hours, down from last week’s average of 1.58 million.

The first hour of the show drew 1.02 cable rating before dropping to 0.965 in the second.

Dodge City Daily Globe conducted an interview with Christopher Daniels promoting Saturday’s Impact Wrestling World Tour event at United Wireless Arena in Dodge City, Kansas. The veteran standout discusses his wrestling career and reveals he’s paying a steep physical price for it.

“I wake up in pain pretty much everyday,” he says. “In my right leg, my ACL is gone, I have a broken bone in my neck, there’s one ligament left in my shoulder, these are all injuries that I accumulated and they’re never going to get better. It’s not like they’re going to miraculously grow back.”


  • Jason

    VRA that is why I brought up the DVR count. Surly people would use there DVR more to watch smackdown on such a shit night. But they don’t. In fact more people DVR raw then they do smackdown. Impact gets nearly double the amount of fans watching via DVR then when it airs on TV. Smackdown being on a friday night should be getting way more then Impact. Just my two cents

  • Valo487

    Oh fuck off Jason. When this site posts numbers for live events you claim it’s not even close but when someone calls you on your bullshit you want to talk about nothing but numbers. Grow up. If you really do work for TNA, this rating proves you should have better things to do then trolling online all day.

  • V-R-A


    You can’t compare a rating on one night to a rating on another night. Industry standard is that Friday night; no matter what network/show is considered a “Death Slot” meaning its the night that will get the least ratings. That’s why when networks put shows on Friday they are looking for its ratings to fall and lead to its cancellation. Is this true with every show on TV Friday nights? No, but Fridays have been used that way on several shows in the past, but it will keep being used that way.

  • dashing1

    If TNA made any sense Samoa Joe would be pushed as the top guy. Also guys like Crimson and Bitchoffs son would not be featured. And Robert Roode should not go over James Storm. “Beer” is one of the few guys with a great character and charisma on the show. The only thing they got right is Aries as X champ. I haven’t watched TNA for over a month but I am sure it hasn’t changed.

  • Jason

    Bythenumbers has all the TV rated information for the week.

    The reason I brought up the NBA is because under bythenumbers it showed the demo for Impact that got hit the worst was the male demo of 18-27 which was pretty much most of the viewers that were watching the NBA game this week. I still say Raw will get hit just as hard in two weeks when the NBA heat game comes on Monday.

  • The Dashing One

    Jason where do u get these figures? please let us know so we can go check them for our selves. And its not that we always give u thumbs down for your comments I can honestly say I have liked some of your comments. I agree with you 100% if Impact goes live and quits with the spoilers it would help. However, remember they tried but it didn’t work. and as far as daniels push, i doubt it cause that dumb ass storyline with him and kaz and styles is dumb. since ur so close to bischoff here is an idea, how about pushing just homegrown talent like you guys are doing with storm and roode. I for one support that move now did I like roode’s heel turn no i didnt but I must say that guy is doing a hell of a job as a hell and storm is kicking ass as the top face! Now continue with that and find a way to add styles, kaz, daniels, joe and then I really believe it will help. but if you continue to push bischoff, Ion, Ray, and others i dont believe we can get behind it!

  • beardsly

    Jason you say people can talk when TNA loses 1 million during a show however if that happened then nobody would be watching, it’d be down to 0. Just stop defending the show for its crappy rating. Also not everybody watches basketball that watches wrestling so that’s a horrible argument. And really 300,000 people ain’t that much to add to 1.3 million.

  • JOE

    Your not a mark??

  • Jason

    LOL at you marks giving me a thumbs down for posting facts and not bullshit like most of you post.

  • Jason

    Ratings do not mean one product is better than another one, though. Nickelback breaks sales records, but they suck ass. People like what is shoved down their throats, ie Nickelback/John Cena.

    WWE has their ratings because they have been in the business so long (67 years) and have a crowd that will watch regardless. Remember, WCW used to kick their ass in ratings week after week but they also had a brand that was built in for over 80 years at that time, somthing TNA does not have sadly.

    Will TNA get there? Maybe. Maybe not. They need to get on the road and make the show go live. No more spoilers would help with ratings.

    If you look at smackdowns ratings with DVR count and then look at TNA’s you will see that both shows draw about the same amount of viewers when you count everything. For TNA to even be able to get neck in neck with WWE smackdown is a great feat more so when it is done with a brand that is only 10 years old.

  • Jason

    Are you guys retarded or something? An NBA game was on against Impact this week head to head and took 300,000 viewers. In two weeks WWE Raw will go through the same thing and loose the same or more. TNA Impact still avg’s about 2 million viewers an episode without counting the DVR numbers.

    Daniels is getting a push right now so I don’t know what you are talking about. lol

    In fact Aries, Roode, Storm, Anderson, AJ, Kaz, Ion, and Ray are all getting massive pushes right now.

    The dif in the ratings between both shows is that WWE Raw lost viewers in every ad demo which is what a demo is (An add)

    Impact lost two of there demos this weeks vs. Raw losing in all five of there demos. Do you not know the dif between a TV rating and the viewership of the TV show and what a Demo is? Please learn before talking to me again.

    In closing the numbers for the DVR counts came in and shows 1.5 million people DVR’s Impact this week instead of watching it live. So let’s do the math for this shall we.

    Impact this week got in viewership 1.3 million
    Impact this week got in DVR count 1.5 million

    In total Impact wrestling got 2.8 million viewers.

    You know what Raw gets via DVR count according to bythenumbers? On avg 300,000 viewers.

  • The Dashing One

    Well, Well, Well, Hey jason I know how you talked crap about how I should take business and that 3.14 is a crap rating and how WWE lost viewers in every demo! HMM, a .993 for a rating how again is TNA changing the wrestling world again and that the WWE is not the be all end all. So lets see I could be seen anywhere from 5-7 million viewers but i shouldnt go because i could be seen by 1.5 million people. Yeah thats a real hard decision. Call me when TNA has more then 3 million viewers and then and only then can you have a valid argument. Now i feel bad for daniels cause that shit company would rather push garrett bischoff then a man who helped put that company on the map. Please oh TNA savior please justify that after u get done licking bischoff’s balls u douche!

  • Valo487

    Is there anything that ever happens in TNA that you won’t pretend doesn’t matter? You jump up and down with glee whenever something positive happens but sweep ANYTHING negative under the rug. Trying to distract us by saying “Yeah, but look what WWE did…” isn’t working.

  • Jason

    Well the NBA heat game was on which had over 21 million viewers watching at the same time as Impact. That and the rating was not even that bad. It dropped 300,000 viewers. Let’s see how much higher the DVR count is on Monday before talking to much about this. When TNA loses over a million viewers in just one segment like WWE has for the past 6 months then you guys can talk. Hell the Rock and Cena did not even draw on Raw.

    PS: A TV rating and it’s viewership are two dif things altogether. lol

  • b c Mitchell

    I’ll fill in for Jason. You simple marks don’t understand the complex nature of the ratings system. Everyone on here is so biased towards WWE that you can’t possibly comprehend that the drop is a great thing. It is actually better than any other rating ever. TNA is clearly on the right track while Vince and company hang on for dear life. Impact has the wrestling world right where it wants it and is just waiting to deliver the death blow. Or some such nonsense

  • Nicholas

    Were is Jason he has some explaining to do.

  • BlaH

    I was watching the Office for the first half hour
    but at 9:31 I tuned into TNA IW.

  • Bawb

    I hope Daniel stops wrestling if these injuries are that severe and his body is that banged up. These performers have to realize, especially the ROH high flier ones, that they’ll want to be able to be mobile when they’re 60.

  • Barry horowitz

    What are you an idiot? Of course ratings matter if your a fan if they don’t get rating they get cancelled if they aren’t on a cable station they get no exposure if they get no exposure they get no money and if they get no money they got no stars to wrestle for them and next thing you know their roster is in ROH or WWE use your brain seriously.

  • MJ

    Not defending TNA or anything but lowest in 2012? its the 3rd month in the year its not like it matters if the rating goes down anyway TNA had a great show well they had one untill garrett bishoff went on my tv screen but thats besides the point ratings shouldn’t matter when your a fan of that product

  • V-R-A

    Where is Jason? I expect an explanation for this low rating from him.

  • fivogoeswest

    lol another post about how this weeks tna is the lowest its ever been. guess the 10 billion that watch tna must have dvr’d it.

  • I swear I read this headline every week

  • Loopy420

    So us wwe marks can Say “haha” to Jason. I don’t know about everyone else but I never go down to the TNGay section.

  • TNA Suck, Bring back WCW !

  • xXx

    why is this in the wwe section?