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Impact Wrestling rebranding as Global Force Wrestling

GFW Impact Wrestling

Earlier this week, Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Sports and Entertainment acquired Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion. It has now been announced that Impact Wrestling is now going to be rebranded as Global Force Wrestling.

Global Force Wrestling’s weekly show on Pop TV will still be called “Impact” and the company headquarters will remain in Nashville, Tennessee. This Sunday’s Slammiversary show is being discussed as yet another “re-launch” for the company.

Jeff Jarrett, founder of TNA/Impact and Global Force Wrestling, spoke to about the breaking news. “We’re a global brand. We have partnerships in Mexico, Japan, other places. Collectively coming together, we’ve combined forces and basically the rebrand final touchers happen at Slammiversary.”

Anthem Sports and Entertainment Vice President Ed Nordholm stated “One part of our international strategy is not just to take WWE-style ‘Impact’ and export it to other countries, but as well to more deeply penetrate those international markets in association with promotions that are centric to those markets. The international promotions want to tap into our expertise to boost those shows, but also to in turn boost the GFW content.”

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  • D2K

    They don’t need to elevate the product right now, but solidify it. Take what they have and refine it. There has been a lot of turnover with management and talent for over a year now. They need to stabilize first and get out of this pattern of flux. Decide on a name, a logo, and vision and STICK TO IT…….

    ……and F that Owl.

  • Sparti Love

    Because they are rebranded as an entirely different company. Regardless, WWE could still make a deal with them to have footage for some of their stars, similar to what WWE with RoH for CM Punk’s DVD.

  • Killswitch

    I’d be inclined to agree with you, but so far Anthem hasn’t done anything too impressive to elevate Impact. It feels like a stronger brand, and maybe it’s too soon to judge the product, but it still pales in comparison to other offerings.

  • Killswitch

    Exactly 😉

    GFW = Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarett’s promotion.

  • Yespage

    The what?

  • D2K

    Or it can be looked at as making the brand stronger. Both the WWF and WCW either swallowed up smaller territories or raided the talent-pool to made their brands even stronger to where in the mid 90s you had two mega-companies.

    GFW was nothing more than a back-door approach for Jarrett to regain control over the promotion he started. Territories are very slowly but surely starting to re-surge. As long as companies learn to stay in their lane they can be successful. TNA fell apart when they decided to get out of their lane and challenge WWE head-to-head.

  • Killswitch

    Let’s be honest, when has GFW really been much of a player?

  • CC

    So basically we get the same situation with what happened when WWE bought WCW and ECW, where we end up losing a promotion, making the playing field smaller.

  • CC

    Why would they do that when they can sell DVDs of the older shows and matches themselves?

  • CC

    They stopped using that name when Anthem bought them. Rebranded TNA as Impact wrestling.
    Been months since they used the crappy old TNA name.

  • Darrin Tyler

    don’t you mean TNA?

  • Omar

    Oh My God! This is Hilarious!!!

  • D2K

    They aren’t going to do that.

  • Sparti Love

    Good.. so maybe now they can sell the TNA library to the WWE. We need full documentaries for Angle, Stylez, Joe and the glorious one