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Indy Star Impresses Officials with WWE Tryout, WWE Now Focusing on Their TV Product

– We noted before that independent wrestler Ricky Reyes received a WWE tryout at last week’s tapings. He was also one of the wrestlers who got squashed by Ryback on SmackDown last week.

There were a lot of people backstage talking about Reyes and how good he was. Reyes had a 15 or 20 minute tryout match, before the tapings, with Tyson Kidd that blew everyone away. William Regal was putting Reyes over big time to WWE officials. No word yet if he will be offered a contract but there were a lot of people in the company impressed with him.

– WWE’s new primary goal is TV ratings and their various TV products. The change in direction has been in the making for some time now and comes straight from Vince McMahon.

In the past, pay-per-view has been WWE’s #1 goal but that’s no longer the case. One of the main ideas now is to use pay-per-view events to bring in viewers to WWE’s weekly TV shows.

Source: PWInsider

  • Iron Sheik


  • Little Jimmy

    Anybody could tell that all WWE needs to do is build up feuds and push the right people. I still stand by what I said about re enforcing the brand split instead of this wishy-washy thrown together nonsense what graces the screens twice a week. Also add the likes of McIntyre, A-Ry, Hunico, Kidd, Mahal & Big Zeke to the NXT roster permanently so they don’t get buried. And copper into gold with a tag team eg a pairing between Gabriel & Baretta would be good to watch, I like Baretta especially and it would be logical seeming as he hasnt been on SD for about a year. Bring back Batista, WGTT, resign Billy Gunn as a wrestler/Road agent and reunite the outlaws, bring back MVP, resign Kaval put him on NXT. Bring back Naitcha Baw(Wooooo) and could manage “New Evolution” god get rid of FunkMan and bring back Foley & T-Lo in GM roles. Bring back Good Ol JR, Bring back the cruiserweight & Hardcore titles & Bring in More “Divas” who are easy on the eye but have wrestling experience or even just women who can wrestle! Give Regal a more prominent role, Pay male escort Lesnar more money because he is WWE’s bottom bitch, bring back JoMo, Have My Boy DBryan shave his beard off cus he looks like a vagrant YES! YES!YES! He does and lastly stop this “trending on twitter” BS cus it’s more than annoying.

  • Chris

    Outstanding, when TNA followed this business outline you guys called them morons. But now that WWE is doing it, all is great with the world.

  • blue4everd

    This canl actually work!! If the tv stuff is good then ppl are gonna wanna buy the ppv! And if that’s good, then ppl would want to tune in for raw and smackdown…wait…Vince you’ve already had this idea…it wasIN THE 90s -EARLY 2000s!!

  • scooter

    PPVs a dying concept and this just proves it.

  • shawn

    hmm… maybe they want more ppv buys to put it bluntly. keep the shows interesting by having more ppv. like stipulations. works for me. maybe ill keep ordering ppvs., or maybe i wont. they’ll probably find a way to make these matches unfullfiling so wed start clamoring for real ppv. matches, yes even though that Lauritituss presents them.

  • Tyler(:

    I don’t like koala’s one spat at me at a zoo once so, I also don’t like Jack Evans.

  • poko

    Making a high quality RAW and Smackdown SHOULD be the primary focus. The better your weekly shows, the more people will be interested in your PPVs automatically. Besides, if the build-up is there, then the PPV can’t help but be good.

    If I see you whine and pout one more time over who people like, I’m going to punch a koala.

  • Chris

    TNA did this for years and it did not work that well what makes WWE think it will work for them? LOL It seems that WWE and TNA over the past 6 months have changed there business plans around altogether. AKA = TNA is not about promoting there PPV’s through TV while WWE is now about promoting there TV through there PPV’s. Backwards when TNA did it and it’s backwards when WWE does it.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “One of the main ideas now is to use pay-per-view events to bring in viewers to WWE’s weekly TV shows.”

    I don’t understand this at all. If you’re going pay for a PPV, wouldn’t you already be watching Raw and/or Smackdown for free? I mean I can see where casual fans would only purchase Wrestlemania and then maybe get back into wrestling, but why would somebody purchase No Way Out if they don’t watch Raw or Smackdown?

  • ant

    people who disrespect Vince Mcmahon yet watch HIS show and HIS product that HE created are freakin idiots,i’ll always have respect for Vince even when hes gone cuz he created a product that i love and respect so all u idiots talking shit about The Boss can piss off

  • Dan

    Its not that backward, rather than getting people to order the PPV who are already watch regularly, they are using big names to try and get more people to watch the shows building up to it. While I’d rather they focus on making the quality of individual shows better, better viewing numbers means they can get better tv network deals.

  • Bill

    Good. Raw has been very lackluster as of late. I’m excited to see what WWE’s huge summer plan is.

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s about the dumbest, most backwards business plan I’ve ever heard of. Well….not quite. Some of those rich fucks on Wall Street and the Banks are worse…but damn Vince. Hella retarded.

  • Andy

    Ummm…so Vince wants people to BUY their PPV’s to get them interested in FREE TV?

  • Tyler(:

    Ricky Reyes will be loved on this site, being ex-ROH.

  • 1919dpg

    Ricky Reyes has zero personality or charisma. he wasn’t even upto roh’s promo level back in the day.

  • SYM

    Vince is a Genius! He says “No, Don’t bring TV-14 back the people don’t want that. Instead lets Give them Shitty PPV’s on our Weekly Shows!”