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New Information on WWE’s Top 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD & Blu-ray

– New details are now avialable on WWE’s Top 50 Greatest Finishing Moves DVD and Blu-ray set, thanks to The two-disc Blu-ray and three-disc DVD set will be released on August 21st in North America.

Here is the official synopsis:

“The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History presents the most amazing, devastating and bone crunching signature moves in this countdown-style production guaranteed to stir up controversy and banter among the WWE Universe.

From Sweet Chin Music to the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment and everything in between, these are the moves guaranteed to bring the masses to their feet and to leave the unfortunate recipient lying on the mat for the inevitable three count.

Which moves made the cut, and what is the greatest finishing move in the history of WWE. This 3-Disc DVD is great for the opinionated WWE history buffs who love to debate which Superstar’s moves are the greatest.”

  • Finisher


    #10 RKO
    #9 Pedigree
    #8 Rock Bottom
    #7 Big Show Chokeslam
    #6 Sweet Chin Music
    #5 Stone Cold Stunner
    #4 Last Ride
    #3 Angle Slam & Ankle Lock
    #2 F5
    #1 Tombstone Piledriver

  • ant

    @ultimo c..youre list looses all credibility when u put the fu and tombstone piledriver on there cuz for one Tommy Dreamer to me has the most devestating piledriver ive ever seen and it legitamitely looks real and also i would put kurt angles angle slam over the attitude adjustment anyday of the week cuz the aa isnt legitimite looking to me at all

  • ant

    @poko…hell yeah only petey williams can pull that off like he can and yeah shawn michaels sweet chin music is second and i hate that james storm uses it cuz he cant get it off right like hbk used to and i would say my 3rd favorite is probably samoa joes muscle buster cuz i think that move is devestating
    @sammo..i never saw that maybe i need to look it up on youtube

  • UltimoC

    Top 5 Finishers:

    #5 FU
    #4 Rock Bottom
    #3 Tombstone Piledriver
    #2 Razor’s Edge
    #1 Stone Cold Stunner

  • Sammo

    I’ll be devastated if The Bushwhacker Battering Ram doesn’t feature.

  • Sammo


    “The Canadian Pildriver” was done in WWE a couple of times by Trevor Murdoch, of all people.

    But yeah, I still don’t think that means it will make it onto the DVD!

  • Titan

    Last ride
    Sweet chin music

  • poko

    Nail on the head. The first time I saw the Canadian Destroyer flip piledriver my jaw dropped. Hands down the best, most devastating finisher. It legitimately looks like it would kill someone. Not even a close second, in my opinion.

    Personally, I’m not much of a fan of the stunner/cutter as a lights-out finisher. It just looks kind of bland, and half of wrestling uses a variation of it.

    Sweet Chin Music is probably my second favorite, with the Muscle Buster, Tombstone, and Jackknife Piledriver after that. AJ’s Spiral Tap is also pretty awesome.

  • W.cares

    Hopefully they will go over origins of the moves, people who used the move rather then having RKO, Diamond Cutter and, Ace Crusher as different positions and fingers crossed logical reasoning to why its in the position outside of “it looks cool”, (variety of people it can be used on and used by how easily countered and led to victories, what areas of the body it affects thats sort of thing.)

    “Chokeslam – Kane/Big Show” NOT “Big Shows Chokeslam” that sort of thing.

  • ant

    i would agree with u guys but in my eyes the greatest finisher ive ever seen in the entire WORLD which obviously wont be on this DVD is”Petey Williams’ Canadian Piledriver”

  • moo

    yeh stunner should be number 1.

  • misfit del rio

    Anything but the stone cold stunner being #1, and we riot.

  • Shady

    For the divas portion of the DVD, will they show the deadly School Boy?

  • Leon

    why would i buy a dvd of finishing moves. that just sounds stupid.

  • ant

    my favorite finisher is shawn michaels sweet chin music