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Injured WWE Star Scheduled For Return, ROH Wrestler Backstage At Raw

— Mason Ryan, who has been sidelined since late June to an undisclosed injury, is advertised to appear at the September 25 Raw live event in Lubbock, Texas.

— Ring of Honor wrestler Jimmy Jacobs was backstage at Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event in Chicago, Illinois and Monday’s Monday Night Raw event in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

There was talk of using Jacobs at Money in the Bank as a security guard in an angle to pull Randy Orton off Christian, but it didn’t happen. He also worked out in front of company personnel prior to Raw.

— Alex Riley spoke to Chad Dukes of CBS Washington to promote tomorrow’s Raw live event in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. In his interview with Dukes, Riley describes what it’s like experiencing various finishing moves from other WWE Superstars. He also gives his thoughts on CM Punk leaving WWE after winning the Championship at Money in the Bank.

The audio interview is available here.


  • Nicholas

    Or maybe ROH guys feel they will get a better push in the WWE then anywhere else beside ROH. I mean it seems like WWE is high on pushing the ROH guys I mean it was shocking to me the Bryan won MITB and now cashing it in at WM 28 that shock me even more. I mean maybe because they are not reailly on a big draw because Cena and The Rock match seems to me doing that just fine. So they feel lets try now to push a guy like Bryan and see where that leads.

    In closing I don’t know. Just seeing more and more young talent heading more for WWE then anywhere else. Not that Bryan is young but he is not old either. Just seems like WWE is changing and to me it maybe for the better.

  • Greatness

    So maybe that potential ROH superstars working in the WWE is true?

    Or HHH has more pull and starting to grab some talented superstars that formerly worked in ROH?

    Either way it benefits the quality of wrestling that happens in the WWE.