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Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– Despite Vince McMahon being high on the gimmick at one point, the WWE creative team has been told that R-Truth’s Pretty Ricky character is finished. Some figure that there’s still a chance Vince could change his mind on it again.

– WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool is still out of action with a knee injury. The injury came from a WWE live event back at the end of July.

– Matt Hardy noted on his Twitter that he filmed footage for WWE’s upcoming Jeff Hardy DVD in their hometown of Cameron, North Carolina the other day. Speaking of the DVD, WWE is looking to release it as soon as possible.

  • heather

    they just needa take the title off her…didnt it used to be if ya were out with a some sort of injury fur longer then a month youd have to forfit the title so they shuld just have a divas open or something

  • Chris Ryan

    She is hot; you’re just jealous. And BTW, Mickie James is ugly.

  • A Wrestling Fan

    She has lasted this long cause of taker

  • baddog12k

    wow didn’y know the comment board was to trash the way we personally think about the divas..(grow up people if she was good enough at what she does she wouldn’t have lasted this long)

  • magnumHHH

    McCool is trash……..

  • seanwdragon

    i think michelle McCool looks like a horse, and that’s straight from it’s own mouth. I’m just sayin

  • Raziel

    they need to take the title back since she hasn’t competed

  • A Wrestling Fan

    she is ugly

  • Mike

    yeah, Michelle is pretty hot. Too bad she smells like Undertaker. Besides, we’re not exactly missing out on great divas wrestling action in her absence.

  • Chris Ryan

    Michelle is HAWT!!!!

  • artie

    McCool Nooooo

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