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Backstage Reaction to Sasha Banks’ RAW Promo, Shelton Benjamin Injury Update

– After having his return to the WWE ring put on hold for the time being due to an unfortunate injury, Shelton Benjamin took to Twitter to update fans on his condition. Benjamin revealed that he underwent surgery on Wednesday and has begun the healing process:

– According to a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are a lot of WWE talents backstage that are not happy with Sasha Banks’ recent RAW promo. After attempting to go the ‘Daniel Bryan retirement speech’ angle with the promo, they ended up with a promo in poor taste.

  • CC

    and now my original post from yesterday is back. disqus is weird

  • CC

    I posted something similar to this, yet once again its vanished.
    Considering how short a time she has been with the company, and how fake it was, it was also quite disrespectful to the likes of Edge and Bryan (and even Graves for that matter when you consider he didn’t even get a chance to get out of NXT).
    It is also not something a baby face should be doing.
    The Mark Henry one was perfectly executed. No injury, just retiring out of the blue and ended with a great heelish action. That Henry swerve was easily one of the greatest moments of his career.

  • Will Henderson

    yes it was, the fake retirement speech leading into a ambush should only be reserve for veterans who are near the end of their career so it would be more believable just like how Mark Henry pulled it off years ago.