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Interesting New Book on Ric Flair, Impact Wrestling Update, Mickie, Gunner

– Stan sent word that there was 26 minutes and 51 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling. This is up a bit from the previous week.

– As noted before, Mickie James will be working the World Wrestling Council’s big Aniversario 2011 show in Puerto Rico next month. She will be joined by TNA’s Sarita and Abyss.

– TNA star Gunner will be appearing on the FOX Got Game show on FOX-18 in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight at 10:30pm EST.

– Highspots, who is currently going through legal issues with Ric Flair, are planning on releasing a book about The Nature Boy. Highspots owner Michael Bochicchio is putting a book together about his dealings and legal issues with Flair. The working title of the book is “Memoirs of a Money Mark.” The book will reportedly feature material from Flair’s Highspots shoot interview and the depositions that have taken place in the lawsuit. The book also will give a look at Flair’s wild lifestyle and the darker side of doing business with him.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    What’s the name of the book? The Self destruction of Flair?

  • Gary

    that RVD vs Joe match had me smilin, for a “30 min” wrestling show, it was pretty decent

  • Orkyboy

    It sure felt like more than 28 minutes of wrestling! A very good edition of Impact. I hope they can keep this standard up going forwards.

    I have noticed that the ‘Factions’ sem to have disappeared, apart from the commentators odd mention of Immortal. I don’t mind the odd stable here and there but it was a bit of overkill recently and the new storylines seem to be coming along more naturally. Also, the Bound For Glory series looks like it will give some excellent matches without any need for convoluted feuds.

  • CC

    I really dont care if Flair is in the right or wrong with the Highspots deal, a book like that is of no interest to me as it sounds quite petty, and is just one persons/organisations opinion.
    Who is to say its 100% true anyway?
    Releasing a book just to say someone is a cunt is pretty low.