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Interesting Exchange Between John Cena and CM Punk, WM 28 Packages, RAW

– Stan sent word that this past Monday’s taped RAW had 30 minutes and 51 seconds of in-ring action. This is down from the previous week.

– WrestleMania 28 travel packages won’t be going on sale July 11th after all. WWE will be announcing the new on-sale date soon.

– After John Cena defeated CM Punk in the main event of the WWE live event in Brisbane yesterday, Punk took the mic and put over Cena, showing respect. Punk then started talking about The Rock, saying that while Rock is off filming movies, Cena is here in sickness and health performing for the WWE Universe. Punk and Cena shook hands before he left.

Cena then spoke, also putting over Punk and showing respect. Cena called Punk the best wrestler in WWE right now and said their Money in the Bank match will be the match of the year. Even bigger than he and The Rock at WrestleMania, he said.

  • Bill

    Rock seriously has ignored the fans for far too long. At least guys like Punk & Cena entertained us(yes Cena) for a good amount of time & will continue for years to come. Am I a huge Cena fan? No, but him, Orton, Punk, Big Show, 619, & many others have entertained us for years, yet some of those guys aren’t even major stars. Rock wrestled for only 7 years & is guaranteed to headlong HOF 2012, whereas guys like Jake Roberts, Macho Man, & others entertained us for years & were never truly main eveners. But honestly, who cares if he shows up. I still tune in to Raw & SD & enjoy the show…..

  • scooter

    for fuck sake what a guy says in a worked promo does not always reflect his real life opinion

  • Poxino

    look guys, the rock is in that spot right now because hes a movie star not because of hes wrestling past, because people that dont watch wrestling will probably order WM 28 to see a movie star wrestle… remember tyson, lawrence taylor, rodman and jay leno, if broklin brawler was now a movie star he would be in WM 28.. and remember all attitude era lovers, rock didnt draw money, AUSTIN did, rock was austins benchwarmer and when he had the chance he didnt deliver (he was champ only when austin was not around), the fans buu the hell out of him against austin, hogan and rookie lesnar… i understand wwe for what they are doing, i dont like it but to hell with my opinion, on that day and 4 one night only i will be the biggest CENA fan ever…

  • Jay Lethals sadistic black injection

    Thats the thing none of us know whats going on behind closed doors. A lot of you guys think you know whats going on back there. Well you dont newsflash none of us do. The only way we would is if we were in the company ourselves. So really our opinions dont really matter. At the end of the day its all about the money.

  • wildeye

    @The X that was a gay character, even the rock questioned it at one point but you are right.

    @John that is true but the writers maybe at fault as well for not writing him in. Look how they f*cked with Nash. I know he cant do much but use him for something. But i will agree that the rock does get what he wants just like Undertaker and Stone Cold. but either way we dont know what is going on behind closed doors

  • John

    @ Wildeye. I totally agree. But for the record I don’t anyone was getting bored with HBK. He was consistantly putting on better matches than men nearly half his age and still one of the most over men in the company when he retired. But in regards to the Rock, ofcourse its preferable to shoot a movie with stunt doubles than wrestle a 300 pound man. Him leaving wasn’t my problem. But him coming back after 7 years and saying he’ll never leave again and than doing just that is my issue. Im not saying he’s a bad guy. He’s just full of ****. But that’s ok. Most famous people are.

  • The X

    All of you are still questioning Rock paying his dues? USWA Mid 90s, Flex Kavana. End of Story.

  • Digger

    Im hoping Cena will be screwed over by Punk and VKM and Punk finally put over as the top heel.

  • wildeye

    if you ask me the rock did the right thing. he worked his ass off and it paid off for him. you people want him to work until he was crippled? look at shawn michaels. people were starting to get bored of him cause he was in it too long and now look at him. he had to retire cause of injuries. i do agree the rock should be on wwe more between now and wrestlemania but its business people. you get into the wrestling business and tell me its the easiet thing to do. dont hate till you try being in their shoes

  • John

    @ Cody. Yeah he makes 10 millions per movie but there are little things called shooting scehdules that take months of an actor’s time to finish. He probably made atleast a million just for hosting Wrestlemania. That’s what I call a quick and easy paycheck. Unless Rock fans think he did it for free out of the goodness of his heart. He probably made more than most of the midcarders for just Rock Bottoming Cena. Than the stupid decision was made to bury Cena and Miz, 2 guys who actually wrestle, in favor of The Rock and that’s how WM 27 went off the air. It really is disgraceful. These guys can’t draw money because they’re stuck in this PG rute where no one can get over unless you were wrestling before it went PG. Yes The Rock was over during the attitude era. But so was half the roster. Val Venis and The Godfather were getting bigger pops than the main eventers of today. Because they actually had characters.

  • Cody

    @ John

    A quick paycheck? Really? The Rock probably makes 10 mil per movie. I highly doubt the money is a motivating factor for him. Fans like you crack me up. You can’t just be happy when he shows up. The guy has a career outside of wrestling. He made a logical and smart choice to leave wrestling while he was on top. Because of that he is a sellout and he no longer cares about the fans or the wrestling business. Its as if you people think you know how he actually feels. He was gone for 7 years. Good for him. If he were around for those 7 years on a consistent basis most of you would be screaming that he needs to retire because he is holding somebody else down. It doesn’t matter what he does. It will never be enough for any of you.

  • Rucdogg

    Really people? He never said anything bad about Cena? So saying Cena is always kissing vinces ass isnt saying anything bad about him? So what if the jabronies in the back dont like the rock main eventing wrestlemania, heres an idea, learn how to draw money like the rock and guess what? You can be the main event…same reason why HHH took on Taker at mania and not punk or anybody else that doesnt like Rock being at next years mania. And like the guy said at the top, its not like Rock is someone from mtv or a reality show, he was one of the biggest wrestlers during the most popular time in wrestling, if not for guys like him and austin there would be no cena and punk. They should both know their role and shut their mouths.

  • John

    Did The Rock Really pay his dues? He wrestled consistantly from his debut in November of 1996 to WM 18 in march 2002. After that his appearances were very limited and he only wrestled ppv and occasionaly on Raw. 5 and a half years is one short career. He pretty much retired at Backlash 2003 but came back one year later to wrestle just 1 match at wrestlemania. Just face it, getting out of wrestling was probably always on The Rock’s mind as he probably thinks its beneath him. That’s why he didn’t make any physical appearances for 7 years and that’s why he stated on so many interviews he wants no connection to wrestling anymore. He comes back and says he’ll never leave and then disappears until it’s payday. He constatantly s**ts on his fans and they still melt over every word he says. It’s really sad. Wrestling has become nothing more than a quick paycheck for him and he’s joined the ranks of Hulk Hogan in not caring about the fans or business.

  • BlahH

    WrestleZone can confirm tonight that as part of WWE’s negotiation with CM Punk, the company offered Punk a movie similar to the Randy Orton film “That’s What I Am,” which starred Ed Harris.

    “(WWE talent relations exec) John Laurinaitis was authorized by (WWE Chairman) Vince McMahon to include a movie in Punk’s compensation package, but Punk turned it down,” a key WWE insider told us, “Punk wants a chance to be the top star in the company, and he thought they were just testing his ego with the offer.”

    Another WWE insider, who had not heard the entire story, confirmed “Vince mentioned something about Punk not wanting to do a movie, and being surprised that the offer was turned down.”

    We’ll have much more on the Punk story as it continues to develop.

  • JIR

    Now i am not a Cena fan but if they guy is putting in the hours the travel the face time with fans good and bad he is the embodiment of the WWE. Punk and Cena both know its not personal just business i bet they truly do respect each other

  • Freakzilla

    Here’s a thought Cm Punk is about to win at MITB but The Rock comes announced out of nowhere and costs CM Punk the match. Not 100% likely to happen because although The Rock has hardly shown up post WM, he will show up between now and WM 28 we just don’t know when.

  • Kyle

    well remembr who got punk on tv in the first place, cena at wm 22 it was either that or he was gunna be a druid for taker

  • Matt

    Could be a Cena turn? IDK, maybe I’m reading too much into it. Could see Cena screwing Vince and losing on purpose. MITB should be interesting, regardless of what happens.

  • Justin

    Oh Gd, watching them put each other over and bash the Rock constantly is annoying. They’re in the midst of a shitty WWE product and bitching about it.

  • shawn

    @CC im sure VKM would like it because the money in the bank ppv is coming up. it could be top priority.$$$$$$$


    It sounds like they are into each other?

  • Damkat

    Has The Rock paid his dues? yes he was part of the attitude era, however many great wrestlers were part of the attitude era. He worked for the WWE for 6 years, just like CM Punk, and many others have been there longer. The reason these guys are not stepping up may have to do with the whole PG product. I still do not understand how a show about guys kicking the crap out of each other would or could be PG. It is hard to get ahead when you have to worry about getting fired for going to far. It was easier in the attitude era, you could say or do what you wanted. I am a fan of the Rock, but understand he could take his character in the direction he wanted. If the wrestlers now could do that then we would see much bigger stars then we have right now.

  • venom

    I am sure Cena and Punk will talk on tv like this after their ppv match.

  • CC

    I doubt Vinnie Mac would be impressed with the statement that this match will be better than the WM match. Its not exactly good promotion for whats being billed as one of the biggest matches in history at the companies biggest PPV of the year, to say it wont be as good as a match at MITB.

    It may be a better match, but you dont undersell a match that financially could be WWE’s biggest paydate in years.

  • really!

    Just because Rock debut with a stupid haircut does not mean he paid his dues, he was fast-tracked since day one, he wrestled for like 6 years total and most of that time he spent away form the road doing movies or whatever.

    I do not blame the roster or Punk for not liking him, don’t get me wrong I like the Rock he is a great talker but without his mouth he has about as much wrestling talent as Lex Luger

  • The current roster has no one else to blame but themselves, if they were pulling in buyrates like The Rock, then there would be no reason to bring The Rock in. at the end of the day its all about money, and The Rock brings in major money.

  • Seth

    Punk did say Cena was the best ass kisser. Not exactly a compliment.

  • Bill

    Rock did pay his dues, but he should at least show up in some sort of form on Raw from now until WM 28. I just hope Punk doesn’t actually leave, or only leaves for a break, then comes back for WM 28. Punk vs. Austin anyone? SCSA said he’s open to one more match…..

  • misfit del rio

    Cm mark, is gong to climax so hard over this

  • Destiny

    I absolutely agree with Damkat, I can’t imagine the rest of the roster is happy that they have to adhere to the PG standards, and Rock gets away with anything he wants. Plus, as Damkat said, they can’t be happy they bust their asses, and no matter what they won’t even get the chance to have a big match at WM.

    Punk never said anything bad about Cena, go back and watch, so it doesn’t really surprise me that he’d say something good about him. Was nice of John to say what he did. Punk is unhappy with the way management is treating him, not his fellow wrestlers, so there’s no reason he’d speak ill of them.

  • Hunter

    Rock paid his dues- he isn’t someone like Snooki just coming in for Wrestlemania, he is someone who helped define the company during it’s most successful reign.

  • Damkat

    He has to have heat, these guys bust their asses all year long only to have Rock come in and take the main event at WM. Although I understand it is business and The Rock will draw buy rates for the PPV it still sucks for the guys working all year who deserve a spot in the main event.

  • Tom

    Actually, he didnt bad mouth Cena, he said he liked him. Punk didn’t go back on anything he said.

  • Stashathan

    wooooooooow punk supposedly spoke his mind about Cena and now he is licking Cena’s sesame seeds(Cena’s family jewels). And he wants to talk about kissing asses what a goof, real talk. Im going to puff on my medicine and pretend that never happened….

  • karloss54

    Can’t wait to see what Cena haters think about that…

  • Tom

    Thats a fairly massive comment right there from cena. It seems Rock perhaps has quite some heat on him by the roster.