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Interesting Stats on John Cena and Jinder Mahal, News on SmackDown Viewership

– The August 5th Friday Night SmackDown had 14% of the viewers watching on a tape or DVR delay, or 86% live. The August 12th show was 87% live and 13% taped.

– Stefan Gorges, who keeps an annual list of WWE Superstar win-loss records, noted that Jinder Mahal lost his first TV match on this past Monday’s RAW when he teamed with The Great Khali to face Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Before that and with the exception of a SmackDown battle royal, Mahal had won his first 26 matches.

– In another trivia note, if John Cena loses to Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions, it will be the first time Cena has lost on three straight WWE pay-per-view events since the Summer of 2008 when he lost to Triple H, JBL and Batista at three straight events. This year, Cena has lost twice in a row to CM Punk at SummerSlam and Money in the Bank.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • josh

    @Jerky: I’m talking about no interference whatsoever. In my book, a distraction doesn’t count

  • adam

    The reason no one really noticed jinder’s winning streak is because it wasnt impressive because he isnt that impressive to begin with.

  • Nicholas G

    I don’t see Delrio losing the WWE title so soon. The man was just born to be a champion an don’t think he will be losing the WWE title to Cena. Just feel that Cena don’t mind losing 3 straight PPV why because he has look good in the way he been losing. Or let not also forget John Cena lost to the 2nd biggest PPV of the year. Since he lost to WM 27 and now Summerslam. But I don’t think he will lose at WM 28 sorry Rocky fans just feel that Cena has look good an don’t think The Rock will look as good when he goes up against Cena at WM 28.

  • simon07

    26 does seem a huge number for Mahal

  • CC

    @Sean. I assumed from the fact it mentions it was his first tv loss that house shows dont count. Plus, when they count win loss records, they rarely count house shows in that.
    I’d like to know exactly how they have worked this out.

  • Sean Mooney

    @ CC

    I was wondering this too, I assumed that house show victories were included.

  • CC

    I am a bit puzzled with this story about Jinder Mahal, because I dont think he has had anywhere near that amount of matches in WWE (to my knowledge he has had only 8 matches or so).
    If they are including FCW, then he certainly hasnt won his first 26 televised matches as he spent nearly all his early months losing.
    And if we are indeed counting his match run from FCW, then just before he made his way to the main roster, he lost a match to Titus O’Neill via DQ. He also lost to the likes of Abraham Washington & Xavier Woods.

  • Jerky

    Umm, technically, he lost clean to CM Punk at MITB, it was his desicion to go out of the ring, no one physically interefered. The 3-count was preceeded by a clean GTS, which Cena walked straight into. That counts as a clean loss my friend.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @ Josh

    SummerSlam 2008 vs. Batista

  • JIR

    @Josh yes I can its half a year from never

  • joe

    yea but mahal’s win streak was against some of the weaker competition in my opinion

  • josh

    Does anyone know when Cena had his last CLEAN loss?

  • venom

    I think Del Rio will keep the title for the rest of the year or maybe even till Mania. I never realized how much wins Mahal had.

  • Dave

    If they take the title off Del Rio now it will kill his push. He needs to have it for at least 3 months in my opinion.

  • Sean Mooney

    Cena will lose a third straight PPV, in my opinion.

  • Sammo

    “You are” = “you’re”

    26 match winning steak? Not too shabby! Though it would only mean something if the commentators mentioned it. Which they didn’t.

  • Dakota

    Cena losing isn’t a bad thing. Unless your 14