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Internal Concern Over Who Would Become WWE CEO If Vince McMahon Was Gone, Details On Potential Candidates

– A new report suggests there is some concern internally about who would take control of World Wrestling Entertainment if something were to happen to Vince McMahon. This comes in the wake of recent rumors that AMC Networks is interested in acquiring WWE, although investors don’t believe McMahon would be willing to sell the company.

The consensus is that Paul Levesque (Triple H) would not be a legitimate candidate to take over the role as CEO of a public company. While Levesque’ knowledge of the wrestling business is held in esteem, his actual management experience, including non-wrestling obligations that a CEO would need to take on, are lacking the necessary expertise. The other obvious candidate, Stephanie McMahon, has reportedly taken a step back from executive duties recently.

With that in mind, this would leave current WWE executives Michelle Wilson and George Barrios as the front runners, however there are concerns linked to each. Neither have much knowledge of the wrestling industry, and Barrios in particular isn’t familiar with the modern media landscape.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • D2K

    That’s what I thought initially.

  • LameDuck

    Lay of Amish already. Almost every story on here gets replicated in some fashion. It comes from different sources. The whole point is to keep your interest and keep on reading.

  • ddfindl

    Its funny that he’s running some Chinese TV conglomerate now, and thats a territory WWE barely messes with… I see some sort of tie-together with Shane and WWE in the future

  • D2K

    Yeah. Shane definitely would be what the fans would want, but I don’t think it’s what HE wants anymore. However if push came to shove he has enough stock in the company to take over.

  • Jeff N

    Ted Turner

  • ddfindl

    Shane has more stock in the company than Stephanie does, actually.

  • Don Kim

    Vince will still run the company in his grave.


    I’m sure Shane would come back to his family’s company if need be

  • Stumpy

    That would be pretty awesome to hear at WM30.

  • Gordon Bombay

    Here comes the moneyyyyyyy!

  • Matthew Farrell

    “If” something happens to Vince? The guy’s almost in his 70’s, he’s obviously not going to be around forever.

  • blueimps92

    Dont forgot shane mcmahon, he would be perfect to take over from vince

  • Stumpy

    right, but the prodigal son could return home…

  • Robbie Murphy

    No worries pal

  • AmishPatel

    Not starved. My mistake – I just missed it. Presumed it was more re. the AMC rumors, rather than the Vince McMahon stuff. I’ve edited the post you linked anyway so it isn’t replicated now.

    Thanks for pointing out.

  • Robbie Murphy

    Is the site that starved of reports you have to repost ones from earlier ? Only difference this one is written longer but adds no extra details or info that the other one doesn’t

  • AmishPatel

    What about PAUL E HEYMAN

  • AmishPatel

    i dont think he retains an interest in WWE anymore, at least not enough to justify becoming CEO. He is doing his own thing last time I heard.

  • TheFizPop

    Eric Bishoff with Madam Dixie!

  • I Speak The Truth

    ummmm hello . . . Shane McMahon anyone? The only true person that should be the next CEO.