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Internal Feeling on Ric Flair’s WWE Future, AJ Lee Comments on RAW, Austin’s TV Show

– AJ Lee went on Twitter and responded to Daniel Bryan’s line from Monday’s RAW:

“Was I just in the main event match on Raw with 3 of the best Superstars of all time? And my team won? My mind is blown. So happy right now. And now I can proudly rub it in Daniel’s face that I beat him in a match. Btw, once you go Bryan…you have to keep tryin’.”

– The debut of Steve Austin’s Redneck Island on CMT this past Saturday scored a 0.42 rating with 665,000 viewers. It was the highest rated show for the day. Austin wrote the following about the show last night:

“It’s a damn crying shame that Canada, Australia, England, and other great countries cannot get CMT Redneck Island. A damn shame. Spreading Redneck Island around the globe is my newest task. Yes…To provide quality entertainment and content across the globe. #CMT #BSR”

– Despite what WWE says in the lawsuit from TNA, most people within WWE believe that Ric Flair will return to the company as soon as he is legally able to and that WWE officials would love to have him back at the 1,000th RAW in July.

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  • KRIS

    cmon lool. Flair is hilarious WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • sdd619

    New GM. I think that’s why they are getting rid of Big Johnny

  • ChrisDV

    He should be brought in as Ziggler’s manager, which would give Ziggles the rub of having a Hall of Famer in his corner.

    But then again, since Flair won’t get booed, just make him GM or something.

  • SYM

    Flair could get Corn Rolls and a large Goatee, then Start to manage Kofi Kingston.

  • Stevie P


    As a manager? Absolutely. Flair would be perfect for someone who needs mic help like a Drew McIntyre.

  • mark

    Do we really need Flair back he was meant to retire a few years ago