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Internal Reaction to Brodus Clay’s Return & Edge’s Induction, Kofi News

– One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston noted that he was home for the first time on a Tuesday night in a long time so he and Evan Bourne won’t be in action together on this week’s SmackDown.

– The internal reaction to Brodus Clay’s debut at RAW last night was positive. Officials felt that the gimmick got over how they wanted it to.

– Another moment that went over very well with the WWE crew at RAW last night was Edge’s Hall of Fame announcement. Most everyone is very happy to see him inducted.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Dumbass. (nuff said)

  • iBob

    Just when i thought WWE couldn’t sink any lower, they pulled this clown out of the stable… Gimmick has been done, and done better.. This cow couldn’t dance, lip sync, or even pump the crowd. Now that me jaw is healing from hitting the floor, I hope I never have to see him again. He looked like a cow chewing his cud. IT WAS PURE PAIN!!

  • grizz

    What the WWE did to Brodus Clay was a joke. He is a bad ass not a clown, he should be out there kicking the crap out of guys like Punk,The Big Joke,R-Truth, and Zack Ryder.
    Edge in the Hall of Fame, what a Joke, he does not deserve it.

  • Good R-Truth

    My current Fave Five:
    1. Brodus “Funkasaurus” Clay & his Jiration’s
    2. Gooooooooood R-Truth
    3. Big Johnny Not Little Jimmy
    4. Ricardo Rodriguez Emmy award winning performance
    5. Chris Jericho’s pulitzer award winning promo

  • adam

    The gimmik is insanely ridciulous and it reminds me alot of if flash funk vicera and godfather had a love child. This gimmik could work for him but i think he should use the tonga deathgrip chokeslam move and maybe change the music because eventually the somebody call my mama music will get annoying.

  • JIR

    what would be hilarious is if now comes out with a different gimmick every week

  • KpNuttzLol

    It was amazing to see that the creative team still actually have a spark of creativity in them rather than just branding him as ANOTHER destructive monster.

  • Stashathan

    Bottom line it was hilarious and the crowd ate it up
    TBH i loved it but im also a big brodus fan

  • Wellsy


    King Hippo. Great shout.
    I enjoyed the comment of a human version of Bowser as well.

    Brodus Clay. A man of many attributes!

  • centerman

    Brodus Clay. What immediately came to mind was Bastian Booger, Mantaur, and PN News. I felt like the gimmick era of the 80’s had returned.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Never much Cared for Brodus, Thought him to be boring and very limited in the ring.(along with looking like King Hippo from the Punch Out game) But I think this might just work. Found it to be fun and entertaining. Definetly brought Godfather to mind.

  • smiffybluenose

    You know what i thought the WWE was the problem, but what it comes down to is people who konw fuck all about what makes a wrestler good commenting all the time with the standard ” i dont like it ” response.

    a good wrestler has good moves aswell as simple moves, but also needs to have character. every wrestler used to be someone example, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, HBK all had character. now there all just muscle bound squares with as much personallity as a blank of wood. thats partly WWE’s fault for PGing everything and writeing terrable story lines. but the talent aswell for not daring to be characters.

    WELL DONE to Brodus for doing this i actually want to see him wrestle again! not like CM used to drop a pipe bomb but now do nothing PUNK or John same shit Cena.

  • Wellsy

    @Booker Ts Fave Five

    Let’s get it right. He’s the Funkasaurus! Lol

  • Sammo

    @ Charlie Spears

    You’d really rather see ANOTHER monster heel gimmick??!


  • Philly655

    dont mind the gimmick its a grower but change the goddamn tights man…. i dont want to chance seeing one of ur nuts pop out very time u do any move… cover those legs up man… even if its only some short shorts…

  • Charles Spears

    I dont like it, he should be having a monster heel gimmack, not this piece of crap gimmack.

  • I’m pretty sure that this whole Brodus Clay thing is supposed to make everyone go “Why?”… and it’ll turn out to be Laurinaitis’ idea of a “cool guy”, that he forced Brodus to do in order to get his debut.

  • joe

    Reminded me of rikishi

  • Booker T’s Fave Five

    Brodus nailed it! Somebody better call his MOMMA!

    His Funkmaster gimmick is a lot more entertaining than his previous boring and predictable monster gimmick. Fact: WWE needs more humour and Brodus “The Funkmaster” Clay is the right man for the job.

  • Wellsy

    He’s got similarities to other stars, but he’s definitely not a copy!
    Music of The Cat, dance moves of Rikishi, get up of the Godfather, mannerisms of Rico, body of Viscera, suplexes of Tazz.

    He’s the complete opposite of a generic monster. And to be honest, that could be a good thing! Everyone’s talking about him!

  • Dwayne

    Reminds me of Rikishi

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I like this Brodus Clay. Its kinda a change from all the same types they have now. Plus back in the old days, they had a bunch of funny gimmicks! Why not do something like from the past?

  • Sean Mooney

    Is this Brodus Clay’s punishment for tweeting about Morrison? At least Brodus Clay seems to be making the most of his opportunity, he seemed to be into his new gimmick.

  • Snark Mark

    Time for RAW to get a crash landing on PLANET FUNK. Someone already commented on how this beats the alternative. Think about, how many joyless big man monsters does the WWE currently have? One more isn’t going to help the product. But the Fuckasaurus and his beautiful back up dancers can put smiles on faces. Thats the idea, right?

  • shawn

    obviously the wwe officials havent heard some booing in the crowd. if thats the idea then their wacky. its only the start though. i think its an ok change of pace and the 1 liners he was saying during the match would get some people chukling, not me though

  • KGM Da Master

    Kyle nailed it on the head, Godfather came to mind when Clay did his impression last night.

  • Chris E.

    One of the best parts of his re-debut was him making comments during the match. “My bad”

  • HR

    I thought it was good. It had me laughing and it is fresh to see a wrestler with a gimmick for a change instead of the usual bland generic wrestler.

  • Doe

    was i the only one who just yelled out loud flash funk? he had the dancers and everything. and what do they mean it went over well, i really didn’t see a lot of people in the crowd reacting either way to it

  • kyle

    it was like i was watching a white vicsera and godfather mix

  • scooter

    it entertined me okay? but bear with me here yeah I found it hillarious for one night but brodus deserves better the guys so talented for a guy his size! also I admit that it’ll get old quick

  • Kyle

    What was the reaction, what the fuck did hey do to him?