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Internal Reaction to Eric Young’s Title Win, Kurt Angle Comments on Rumors, Jarrett-TNA, More

– TNA announced on their social media page that more contract renewals will be announced soon.

– Kurt Angle tweeted the following about rumors this weekend:

“Rumors. They haunt U and U can’t do anything about them, except to prove them wrong. #RiseAboveIt”

– The Tennessean has a new article up looking at Jeff Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling promotion. The article notes that Jarrett is the largest TNA shareholder, next to Panda Energy, but doesn’t believe it’s a conflict of interest to launch GFW. A TNA spokeswoman confirmed Jarrett is still a shareholder but would not comment on GFW.

– The internal reaction to Eric Young winning the TNA World Heavyweight Title is that people are happy for him because he’s a hard worker but there’s a negative feeling overall.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I highly disagree with the point of your statement. Sounds like your basically saying that if EVERYTHING goes right, then anybody could be a “megastar” you need; fan support (heel or face), right look, right personality, right gimmick, right story lines AND the right push. That’s nearly impossible for that to happen to anybody man. Being the “face” of the company is all about the person not all that other stuff.

  • pitfallharry219

    This is the equivalent of WWE making Santino World Champion. It’s laughable.

  • ANY star can be the “face of the company”, and a great champion. The company just needs to TREAT the guy like a star, and the fans need to embrace him as a star. That is literally all it takes. The Hurricane could have been WWE Champion, if WWE had pushed him right, and the fans got behind him enough. Case in point, as much as I liked Eddie Guerrero, there was a time that I didn’t think WWE would ever make him World Champ. Same with Rey Mysterio. So you never can tell. People need to let go of these fictitious things they hear and see about wrestling. ANY wrestler can be a mega-star, it just takes the right things all coming together.

  • Beards.

    Eric young has a beard like daniel bryan.. won the title with a “shoulder” injury like daniel bryan, wont the title after 2 matches in one night like daniel bryan…hmmmmm

  • B-ROCK

    he only won the title because of the fact that daniel bryan won the wwe title and they both have big bushy lumberjack beards

  • Stumpy

    There’s a negative feeling because he can’t carry the company. Not saying that Magnus could either, but that company is barely treading water and EY is not the life vest that it needs. Sure he’s a helluva worker, no one has ever said anything to the contrary. But as the face of the company and acting as its champion… worker or not, this cannot last if TNA hopes to have any positive gains.