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Internal Reaction to TNA Using Six-Sided Rings, Attendance for Last Week’s Tapings, Global Impact

– The next TNA One Night Only pay-per-view will be the Global Impact special that was taped in Japan. It premieres on July 4th. Below is a promo:

– TNA drew 1,000 fans on both nights for their Impact Wrestling tapings last week in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. TNA would like to return there in the future for more tapings but there is so much going on right now that nobody knows what the future is.

– It’s said that most of the current TNA wrestlers aren’t happy about the change back to six-sided rings. Some have complained to officials but were told that the company is trying to look different. Word is that the six-sided ring is here to stay and their feeling is that it helps TNA stand out.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • john

    It is just to late,TNA i deafened time and time again the ring will not save this company nothing will,it is basically wcw saturday night with a few maijor stars,WWE is not any better they are sinking faster than TNA

  • jedi

    I agree 100% which is why they should have never changed it, it made no difference so why change it except that if someone saw a picture of a match or one when flicking though the channels with a 6 side ring you know it was tna. Hopefully things will work out for the best but with no tv deal in the horizon the future looks very bleak indeed!

  • millerj265

    And I can respect that in the sense that the six sided ring is what caught the eye of a lot of ppl and initially drew them in, but what kept them watching was the fantastic matches and amazing athleticism put on by the wrestlers, it had nothing to do with how many sides the ring had. Let me put it like this AJ vs Daniels vs Joe at unbreakable in 04 or 05 still would have been one of if not the best match TNA has ever had on one of there shows regardless of if it had taken place in a 4 sided or 6 sided ring, and that’s the point im trying to make. Maybe the six sided ring will draw a few new and old eyes to the product, but at the end of the day if the show is subpar, then the ring will make zero difference in the company growing or declining in there fan base.

  • jedi

    100% agreed!

  • jedi

    Daniels 44years old im sure it does hurt,Kazarian 36 agrees with anything Daniels says, Waltman im sure all ropes are hard to go up at the point he was there, AA I would not say best X-divisions wrestler as much as I would say one of the greatest wrestlers instead and honestly if you have ever met or seen him off screen he is kind of a winy my way or the highway type of guy about everything and everybody but I truly think he is one of the greatest performers. The only other I herd about is EC3,sorry he trained wwe only to be wasted & let go when he clearly could have at least made it to the main roster hes seems to be quick on the mic sometimes & is good not great but good in the ring & im sure he would drop tna & go to wwe in a sec if possible & it would suck for him to readjust to a new ring (same with anyone else that wrestles in other promotions). Everything else you said about product I whole heartily agree with but as a fan who ordered the weekly ppvs I still remember Eli Skipper walking the top of the 6 sided cage like it was yesterday! I loved the grass roots of TNA and to me the 6sided ring is a big part of it. For me at least.

  • millerj265

    All im saying is the wrestlers don’t like it, iv heard Daniels say in an interview with kaz just a week ago say the six sided ring is harder and hurts more, Sean Waltman said going off the top rop is very hard to get used to because of the way the ropes are laid out, obviously Austin Aries one of the best X-division wrestlers in the world strongly dislikes the six sided ring and many others have talked about there dislike of it as well. Plus they could still build the company around the X-division in a 4 sided ring, they would just have to start caring about it again which TNA stopped doing long before they dropped the six sided ring. The ring just has no barring on the success or failure of the company, its the quality of the product, that’s it, a good product is a good product, whether it be in a 4 sided or 6 sided ring.

  • yo

    the reason they changed to 4 sides was because they wanted to mimic WWE6 sides is one of the things they started with that made them differentthe the originals wrestled in six sides for many years seems like IF certain wrestlers don’t wanna do itthen they shouldn’t work there

  • jedi

    Im sure alot of them don’t like what they do day in & day out, think Daniel Brian enjoyed the past how many years since NXT? No but that is the direction the company went. The six sided ring as well as x-division were staples of TNA as a brand/company. It had no complaints from 2002 till they changed it, sorry that old/post wwe wrestler dont like it. When they went to 4 sides & to Monday nights, that is what made them look like a second rate company trying to be wwe. Go back to basics like quality wrestling & most of all dont try to be wwe please 1 is bad enough some times.

  • Shawn Bronald

    It looks minor-league, so yeah, it stands out.

  • millerj265

    What would help TNA stand out is competent management, booking well thought out storylines, not trying to be WCW 2.0 or WWE junior, having just ONE damn main event that wasn’t so overbooked that by the end of it no one even cares or understand who won. WWE is far, FAR from perfect but at least 99% of there main event PPV matches end with a decisive, none Dusty like finish. The novelty of the Six sided ring wore of so fast that it was a none factor in the relevancy of TNA a yr or 2 after they debuted it. A 4,6, or even an 8 sided ring is not what’s going to make TNA stand out and succeed, if the booking is atrocious, if the talent isn’t used correctly or in a way that maximizes whatever strengths they can bring to the table, if the owner is a mark for herself, and if every PPV finish is an epic Dusty tour de force sans maybe one a yr, then no bloated amount of sides to the ring is going to make even the slightest bit of a difference. Even if it attracts a couple thousand lapsed fans the product is still the same overbooked crap it was that caused them to stop watching in the first place, what does TNA think fans are going to watch it and say “man these shows aren’t really all that good, and the wrestling is okay to occasionally good, but ima keep watching because dat six sided ring doe”. There talent doesn’t want it, it made almost zero impact on there ratings and audience growing or shrinking, it did nothing to hurt there ratings when they got ride of it, and other then maybe a small ratings increase in the first episode or 2 that it re-debuts it’ll do nothing to grow there audience or there ratings. All that going back to it shows is that TNA is so desperate that they are willing to alienate and anger there roster just for a stupid gimmick in the hopes that it’ll attract lapsed fans back to the product, fans who stopped watch because the PRODUCT was not good, not because the ring was no longer six sided.

  • millerj265

    Yea because screw the wrestlers who have to work in it and who obviously do not like it, who cares about them or about there opinions.

  • jedi

    Never should have went to 4 sides to begin with!