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Internal Thoughts on The Miz & Del Rio, Jericho-WWE Update, Kelly Kelly

– WWE reportedly had Kelly Kelly change her new website from to

– It’s said that Alberto Del Rio’s stock isn’t as high as it was a few months ago within WWE. There’s a feeling that RAW is lacking a top heel and while The Miz is good, he’s not seen as someone who can be the brand-carrying heel. Del Rio was supposed to be that heel but the feeling is that he’s not quite at that level either.

– Regarding a WWE return for Chris Jericho in 2012, it’s believed that he will only be back for a temporary run but that’s not confirmed.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Diz

    All the great heels, the ones you really loved to hate have all turned face. Punk became the new anti hero, same with Orton. Shamus was on his way to being the next big bad ass and nothing. I think person who plays the heel role well is Wade Barrette but he’s better with a group behind him. As for Mark Henery they killed him for me after all the year of using him to make everyone look strong.

  • Chris E.

    I agree with D’Arcy about the Miz.
    I see top heel in Barret. If Nash could wrestle, he would be a good top heel. I think HHH, and Orton need to form a new heel faction. WWE needs to “steal” Morgan from TNA and push him as a top bad guy.

  • scotty61919

    @ jefferson d’darcy
    well said the miz is a joke i’ve never liked the guy and I’m tired of hearing him and Cole say that he deserves to be champ. cole and miz must be lovers off stage becuz when i see the miz i just loose all interest if these video promos wwe has been airing lately do mean jericho is coming back i say great we actually have a half decent heel back with wwe (now that edge is gone)

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I still don’t get the hard-ons people have for Miz. He’s a dopey cocky heel. U.S. champion at best. Upper mid-carder, occasionally flirting with the main event scene, but that’s it. And “thumbs down” me all you want, I couldn’t give a shit less. Miz isn’t that great on mic and is even worse in the ring. People say “Oh, yeah he was green but he’s improved so much.” Bullshit to that, I say. He’s unoriginal, very repetitive and lacks any realy ring psychology. A ring general or natural leader, he’ll never be. He THINKS he’s a great heel, but he isn’t. He needs to watch tapes of guys like Flair and DiBiase, Sr. in their prime. Or even Harley Race. Mr. Perfect was a hell of a heel too, and one of my all-time favorites.

    Best heel in recent memory, hands down, Edge. And Jericho was amazing too. Miz is a poor man’s Jericho. Stop blowing the guy, he’s not that great. I’m not even a Ziggler fan but he’s way more deserving of Miz’s spot. Great mid-card guy, excellent worker, needs to work on his mic skills a bit, but he’s getting there. Same goes for Rhodes. Miz, to me, will forever be a fanboy who got lucky. And intense? I laugh at that. He makes the goofiest faces when he acts “crazy” or “intense” that he looks like a caveman with Down’s Syndrome.

  • alex_delarge

    all the heels seem the same to me ” im the best, everyone else sucks” they all seem to lack character,, except for christian. But I do think Dolph and Rhodes have the most current potential

  • d

    Wwe can’t build up credible heels because they bury them to cena and orton.
    Miz is the best heel they have at the moment and that’s because they actually gave him a title run and he went over cena. A great example of wwe missing the ball on a major heel was CM punk when he was doing the straight edge society they were drawing major heat but wwe booked him to lose and killed his momentum then stuck him with nexus while the ses was broke up and released. Same can be said with christian he could be a top heel but they constantly put orton over him and made him look weak

  • kenn

    I feel like in 4 years I can see a face Ziggler against a heel Rhodes in a big Wrestlemania match.

    I love heel Dolph, but of the midcard guys that have potential Dolph is the only guy I can picture as a face… and WWE is lacking solid faces right now

  • poko

    @Bob Rooney
    I agree with you. As much as I like both Rhodes and Ziggler, they should stay where they are at for awhile. Those two with the IC and US titles have finally given us a mid-card that people care about. They should both be main event guys eventually, but there is no need to rush them. The WWE making the IC and US belts meaningless in the past was a huge mistake, and now they have a chance to repair that damage.

  • Bob Rooney

    Christian, Ziggler and Rhodes are the 3 best heels in the company right now. Christian should be given the title for an actual decent run when he returns to the ring, and Ziggler will be there soon. I do however like Cody in the role he is in now tho. The IC title actually feels relevant again, as does the US title with Dolph.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I don’t think booking would be the only reason. You have to take his push into account. He was being shoved down our throats from day1 as a heel, but nobody cared about the guy when he talked or wrestled. WWE needs to gradually work guys into credible faces or heels before they start pushing them to the moon only to fail. Swagger is a pretty good example of shit booking and being pushed to quickly.

  • Greg

    The miz is without a doubt the best heel in wwe today whoever doesn’t think he’s ready to be the top heel is dead wrong. Over the past year he’s proven that not only can he wrestle with the best he can also work the mic better then anyone around today except for punk, Christian, and Jericho if you wana count him. I would love to see the miz back in the main event picture after wrestle mania he can definitely carry raw as the top heel.

  • Mark

    I agree with last post, Turn Cena Heel. Keep kane as a face. R truth will becoming back as a face soon too.

  • Stevie P

    Sounds like Raw needs a John Cena heel turn. Hey it worked for Hogan.

  • poko

    Del Rio’s destiny is the mid-card. He’s pretty good in the ring, if unexciting, but he doesn’t have enough charisma to draw real heat. He can be unlikeable, but that’s not the same as being hated. They need to move Christian over to RAW, and let him have a go at it.

    The Miz is good. He can draw heat. He has a nice intensity and pace to his matches. However, he’s already been squashed by Cena multiple times, and beaten by Punk cleanly more than once. If he lacks credibility, then it’s because the WWE policy of having Cena squash his opponent in the final stages of a feud, usually on RAW. They push heels hard over the short term, then tear them down within a few months. It’s nothing like the old days when a heel would keep the belt for months and years.

    WWE, please, stop making all your heels looks weak, and you won’t be wondering why they all lack believability.

  • RaTeD R

    where does this info come from? because to me the Miz is a very good heel, and is probably the best one around at the moment, WWE would be stupid not to know this, why do they biuld ppl up all the time then just let them go? and move on to something else its just plain stupid.

  • rabid

    both the miz and del rio have the same problem… they get old real fast.. same run ins same promos.. “my destiny…im the most must wwe champ”…yada yada yada…shoot my tv …. dont care anymmore.. get some new lines

    del rio most likely lost a ton of support when he open told everyone when he was leaving

  • Sammo

    WWE can only blame themselves that Del Rio isn’t as over as a top heel as they would like him to be. Having him drop the title back to Cena just 3 weeks after winning it was retarded booking. And although it was inevitable that CM Punk would end Del Rio’s second reign, they could have let him keep the belt for an extra month and have him retain it through at least one PPV. Instead, both his title runs have been pathetic.

    The Miz can be a brand carrying heel without a doubt. I don’t know where this info comes from, but I’m pretty sure a lot of WWE backstagers would agree with that view.