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Iron Sheik Appearing On WWE Legends’ House?, Rougeau Releases Bio, Warrior

— During this week’s episode of NXT, the newly released commercial promoting the WWE Network was slightly different than the one that aired during Monday’s Raw SuperShow. When WWE Legends’ House is highlighted, WWE Hall of Famer Iron Sheik is shown.

To view the altered clip, click here.

— Former WWE talent Jacques Rougeau released his autobiography online Thursday, Les secrets les mieux gardés, enfin révélés. The book, which is written in French, hits stores in Canada next week.

— Ultimate Warrior announced the following on Twitter: “Coming soon.. Your chance to get a personalized video from Mr Warrior OR a personalized promo from the Ultimate Warrior! Team Warrior.”

source: SLAM! Wrestling

  • Bill

    Why do you guys think this Legends show will be a bunch of 80s stars? What about Stone Cold Steve Austin, HBK, The Rock, Kevin Nash, & The Undertaker? Give me an angry Iron Shiek rant segment with the Iron Shiek & Stone Cold & I’d pay PPV costs!

  • Black Blue Blazer

    Although I am really looking forward to this show. I can’t help but think it is going to be heavily scripted. I see McMahon and Co. manipulating the reality right out of this show.

    I just hope they get some other volatile personalities in there. Let’s see, who else isn’t doing anything these days? Jake the Snake, Honkey Tonk Man (although I guess these guys aren’t recognized as legends yet, are they?). Maybe Roddy Piper… could you imagine him in the same house with Shiek??

  • PinkSinCara

    Sheik can you be quiet? I have to wake up early tomorrow?.

  • I can just imagine someone ate all the cheerios fucking bullshit!!

  • MJ

    ^ Sad but so true lol!

  • venom

    Iron Sheik will be more relevant on this show than Hogan in TNA.

  • Kawika

    I would like to see shiek and warrior stuck together in the house.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Sheik on WWE programing? Yes. It will be bleeped so much with his mouth, everyone will be a jabroni, and probably lots of “Fuck the Hulk Hogan”. I’m looking forward to that particular show just knowing he is possibly on.

  • OhYeaaaah

    For those interested, the name of Rougeau’s book means: “Best kept secrets, finally revealed!”