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The Iron Sheik spoke with NBC’s Matthew Kitchen on a number of topics. Here are some highlights.

A signature move and name Jordan Burroughs could use: “‘The Jordan.’ Not like the Michael Jordan but he still the Real American. He can break the pinkie finger like Sheikie. He break people back with his pinkie. Because he a big strong [expletive] for America. I be happy. His name could be “the Real” and his finisher be “the Humble.” Give me a hell yeah!”

Ellis Coleman’s nickname “Flying Squirrel”: “Flying squirrel remind me of Ultimate Warrior because he a little rat when he jump in ring like that idiot Jose Canseco or Mel Gibson. I would never respect the squirrel because the squirrel have no [expletive].”

If he could beat any of the current Team USA members: “In my day I beat living [expletive] out of all Olympian who challenge the legend. I put them in a camel clutch, break they back [two or three expletives], and make them humble. But now I am not in same shape as before so I don’t [expletive] with them.”

How would the Olympics would benefit from adding ropes around the mat: “The rope protect you and you cannot run away like little [expletive] in ring like Jose Canseco.”

How Hulk Hogan would do against the current Olympic team: “Hulk Hogan don’t last long like because [a few expletives] he not a real man like the Sheiky baby. He get beat bad like [wow… not printing that] and never make it to Olympics. Only for the Olympics for being [or that].” [editors note: He definitely hates Hogan.]

If he’s ready for a comeback: “I know if I training I can beat the [expletive] out of anybody who [expletive] with me. I am the real legend not like the jabroni the Tom Cruise.”

The the current American wrestling team: “They all workers but need to pay their due to be legend like Iron Sheik. Buy my [expletive] shirt!! USA #1!”

  • KingAblert

    Always like to know was Sheiky baby has to say. 🙂

  • Shawn

    dafuq did i just read?

  • Maggotism

    How does this guy not have his own tv show yet?

  • Bb

    Tna: Hulk Hogan vs the iron sheik part 2. Lol sheik would bring any weapons for sure lol

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    That was just a delight to read.

  • misfit del rio

    Reader Notes, we all hate Hogan so the Sheik isn’t alone

  • mifit del rio

    *Reader Notes, we all hate Hogan, so the Shiek isn’t alone

  • Moo

    How dare you censor sheiky baby!, faking bullshit!

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