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Is CM Punk the Best Heel in Wrestling Right Now?

You Decide…

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  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    He is a really good heel… he makes you hate him and love him. He is a very good heel now, but the best heel of all time is the Cerebral Assasin HHH

  • sexton hardcastle

    @ Dustin

    I pointed that out to my circle as well. and im 23 years old born and raised on wrestling. I agree so much about the pre entertainment era. it was actually “believable” then.

    I ant sayin… Im juat sayin…

  • dustin

    @sexton hardcastle, yes you are right I believe so much more could come out of a Punk-Taker fued but my standards are based a drama pre-entertainment era where wrestlers can still bleed to make a match exciting….BTW was anybody as shocked as I was that they actually let CM Punk’s nose bleed on live television lmao

  • dustin

    He is Definately not the best ever but he is the best right now even though we have Miz, Del rio,…and Michael Cole(yeah I kno wtf thats wat im sayin too)

  • sexton hardcastle

    WOW I got away with saying shit?

    i aint sayin… Im just sayin…

  • sexton hardcastle

    Serious question because i cant think of one.

    How many other super stars are soooooooooo good at what they do the can shit talk the crowd during one of the biggest matches of the year ( Rumble 2010) after that performance I was completely sold on punk as a heel. and i believ they could do more with the whole punk taker fued from 09. they could use taker to help elevate punk more so. If taker sees him as a threat so will all the “marks”. Punk all in all in my opinion, is second only to jericho, but they are BOTH the best in the world at what they do.

    I aint sayin… Im just sayin…

  • dragon

    the only person right now that i see given punk a run for his money as the best heel ever if they dont drop the ball with him is alberto delrio give him a few more years and he could be the best heel ever till than all punk right now

  • dancounty09

    CM punk needs to be in a mania title match!!

  • CC

    WWE has and has had a lot of great heels in recent years, of which Punk is at least equal to them all. I wouldnt go as far as to say he is the best because that would be unfair to great heels like Jericho, Del Rio, Miz, JBL, McMahon and Edge (before his recent face turn of course).

    While there will always be marks who cant tell the difference between reality and story who genuinly hate heels, the kind of heat that Punk has is exactly the right heat. He knows how to get a reaction, but is still liked and respected for what he does and how he does it.

    People like Cole and Vickie have X-Pac heat, which is a bad thing. And its highly unusual to actually have two people suffering with that at the same time. Even more unusual considering they are not even wrestlers.
    Michael Cole for instance wasnt liked as a face, and while being a heel does make him more of a character, he still isnt liked for all the wrong reasons.

    Both Cole and Vickie are annoyances that make people want to turn off, whereas a good or great heel like Punk, Miz and Del Rio etc, make you want to see what despicable act they will get up to next.

  • sean

    Oh sure he is the best (sarcasm) i like punk he is a good wrestler, but he jumped into a faction like nexus that to me was already over, as heels, and he sorta made them better by him being a former world champion, with them so for now i would say yes, but not by alot

  • yechiel{israel}

    punk,vickie and michael cole{the miz is good too}

  • cm punk is God. he should be WWE Champion, not miz.

  • As a face I thought Punk was a good wrestler, but I really was not much of a fan. I did not beleive in him as a champion after he cashed in MITB. I just was not sold on him, but in 2009 when he turned heel on Jeff Hardy, i started to think holy crap this dude is an amazing heel. I hated him and loved him at the same time. The SES stuff last year was great. One of my favorite Rumble moments ever was last year when he was throwing guys out and he kept getting back on the mic waiting for his next opponent.

    So yes I think Punk is the best heel in wrestling.

  • dustin

    Was Ben roethelisburger the most hated man besides George Bush at the Super Bowl??? (PS Im a steelers yets newfound packers fan so Im not a hater)

  • The Rock Obama

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  • shawn

    @in grind we crust you would have to say “sexy” mentioning SxE. just an observation if you didn’ allude to that.

  • In Grind We Crust

    Punk is best everything as far as I’m concerned. He plays a heel so naturally it’s ridiculous. The S.E.S was amazing; I really hope he turns the Nexus SxE. I’d lol.

  • Gary

    is a pig’s WooWoo Pork?

  • dragon

    Not to mention sheamus being destroyed by mark henry on raw and losen to john morrison week after week

  • Jon-Jon

    Punk is easily the most talented guy in wrestling right now. He’s got it all. He knows just how to get acrowd going, he’s got the in-ring ability, he’s willing to break his nose and keep on going for a simple 5-10 minute segment, and he’s wrestled all over the indy scene, so he’s payed his dues. Plus it seems like his attitude has straightened up recently.

  • dustin

    lmao @Big Shuf
    and yes I think the only thing they can do with Sheamus is turn him into a comedic heell/face because like Kevin Nash said his character was destroyed the minute he ran from Nexus,Im actually amazed Vince did this considering his family’s heritage is Irish you think they would want to make sheamus more badass

  • Marking Out

    @ Titan – I’m with you, and I’m sure it will happen someday. Sheamus is a great character and great heel that you love to hate.

  • Titan

    I will like to see a face sheamus

  • Big Shuf

    do bears shit in the woods?

  • dragon

    Cm punk is good at what he does heel or baby face his mic skills are one of the best in the game I think he is definitle one the best heels going today

  • dustin

    to me CM Punk is just like Undertaker heel turn in 98-99 and in 2002, he so good at his character in the heel position that you start to luv him anyway, I find this opposite in JBL,Jericho,McMahon, or hell even Triple H they are so perfect at the heel position because even though you understand it fake you still think to yourself “Man this dude must be so much of a shitty person in real life. But the answer is yes CM Punk is a ungodly perfect heel right now and is one of the superstars that still keep me entertained even though Im alot older than the fanbase it targets.