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Is The Rock Going “Old School” Tonight? Jerry Lawler-RAW Update

– Expect WWE to push Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new film “Faster” in the coming weeks. In terms of tonight’s RAW, WWE is apparently trying to sort out a video promo from The Rock, but that isn’t confirmed.

– The company does have a “Plan B” if Lawler’s health prevents him from appearing on RAW tonight. However, as reported, it is planned that he will be there.


  • rick

    The fans didn’t make the Rock, they liked him cause he had charisma. If he had no charisma and no talent and people decided to cheer for him anyway, then they could legitimately claim they made him. It was his talent that made him successful and nothing else.

  • Chris

    Please come home Rock we miss you!!!!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK CHANTS!!!

  • Jason

    The rock was big before most of the fans today was watchin,he didnt turn his back on anyone..

  • Buttercastle

    Cenahater you raise a good point. I mean what person doesn’t go back to their old job every so often and offer to work there for a bit?

    Seriously though. I’m pretty sure Rock had a lot more freedom to say whatever he wanted back in the day which made it that much more entertaining. Now that it’s pg he will be spoon fed a lot which won’t be genuine Rock material. And we all know how he performs in pg rated entertainment. (like 90% of his movies)

  • Vic

    The last part was little joke but cmon you guys gotta admit that his movies are bad. To be honest I don’t care IF he comes back and Azn I’m not bitter at all. I’m just stating my opinion and if you don’t like it that’s alright because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Jabroni beatin, Pie eatin……The Rock will never come back

  • CC

    Wow, you people need to get over it. Dwayne wanted a new career, why should he be insulted for that?
    Lets face it, if you have a job and leave for a higher paying job thats less physically demanding, does that make you a sell out?
    And how many of you go running back to your old jobs when you change career?

    He doesnt owe the fans anything.
    You say they made him what he is today, which is bull. He made himself, and gave you entertainment, so if anyone owes anyone, its you that owes him your gratitude for making you happy back in the day.

  • Mark

    Get over the Rock, he aint coming back . soon people realise that the better.

  • Tom… just Tom

    Uhh let’s see. Make 15 million a film and basically work 4-6 months a year over working 300 days a year. Have your body take a pounding over the years or get into a career where you don’t take a beating. As much as I love pro wrestling, I can understand why he decided to take a different route. Are all of his movies winners? No. But take a look at guys like Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise and Will Smith, among others. They all have had some four finger stinkers in their acting careers.

  • Azn


    you guys are too bitter. give it up seriously. let the man do what he wants to do. getting paid $5M a movie then putting your body on the line 300 days a year is a pretty good life.

  • misfit

    Jason, keep my name out your mouth. I’m not hating on his better life, dipshit, I’m upset that he turned his back on the “people” who made him who he is today, and didn’t even blink once about it

  • Vic

    You call making s*** movies like Race to Witch Mountain, The Game Plan, The Tooth Fairy & Planet 51 a better life? WOW!!! If you think about it this is The Rock ahem… I mean Dwayne Johnson’s PG era LOL.

  • Paul

    Ther rock turned his back……Rocky sucks!!!

  • damkat

    Yes I would love to see the rock back in the PG era, Although it would limit what he does he could still electrify the WWE. However he will not come back as he has left the WWE for good, and has no real interest in coming back.

  • jay

    also would you really want him back in this pg era

  • jay

    I agree give up on the rock already. duno if i would call him a sell out or not but it would of been cool for him to come back once in a while. gave up a couple years ago on that. wwe should do the same. If he doesnt want to he doesnt want to

  • Jason

    fuck you misfit,dont hate the Dwayne Johnson for having a better life..

  • misfit

    Ohhh christ just give up on dwayne johnson already, he could care less about the “universe”, he turned his back along time ago and isn’t coming back, its over, fuck you dwayne, you sell out