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New Jack To Address Allegations Against Terri Runnels, Selling ‘Nasty’ Pictures

New Jack will address his allegations concerning former partner Terri Runnels tonight during the debut edition of “Late Night With The Iron Sheik.” More details are available here.

The former ECW star alleged to numerous colleagues following their recent break-up that Runnels knowingly spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry. He also alleged in a subsequent online post that she is bi-polar, an alcoholic, addicted to prescription painkillers and her Florida residence is facing foreclosure.

New Jack continues to embarrass Runnels as he posted disturbing images on his Facebook account of the 44-year-old sans makeup with blood running down her face. He is also selling images of the former WWE Diva engaging in a sexual act through his inbox.

“I got nasty pictures for sale and trust me…they are nasty…holla at me,” New Jack wrote in a status update. “You can take the ***** out the hood but u cant take the hood out the *****. holla at me in my inbox!”

New Jack stated last Thursday in his vicious diatribe of Runnels that he underwent STD testing due to his belief that he may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the former Hardcore Champion. He has since announced that the test results came back negative.

Runnels posted the following notice on Facebook concerning the tumultuous ordeal: “Prayers for Dakota and my Mom as they are being put through hell. I sincerely thank you all for the support. God bless us all…yes, even the ones that hurt us.”

She is also quoting biblical passages in response to questions concerning New Jack.

  • Teran

    New Jack is a boss LOL

  • Marky Mark

    New Jack is gonna get sued.

  • T

    @Matt Shut the fu*ck up

  • The Truth


    You need to educate yourself. There is no need to use offensive remarks like that. If you want to call him low down then call him that. Don’t use it as an excuse to call him the N word from a definition you found on Urban dictionary.

  • ML

    What grown man says,”holla at me”? He’s like an annoying rapper who doesn’t know how to talk like an adult.

  • Matt

    biblical passages? yup, she be crazy

  • Zack Ryder

    this is what i call love!

  • TaskMasters’ 3rd cousin twice removed

    They are both nothing but nasty anyways, but new jack is really hitting below the belt.Why this man wants to continue to torment her is beyond me.I mean if she did have a disease and was having lots of sex with new jack, wouldnt he have came back positive?I know there is always a chance not but most the time that is how it happens.Either way who cares, they both just need to walk away and quit spreading their garbage on the net.

  • Effmenow

    Never fuck a thug.