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Jack Swagger Arrested Last Night After SmackDown Tapings

– TMZ is reporting the following:

“WWE star Jack Swagger was arrested last night in Mississippi, TMZ has learned — after allegedly committing several traffic offenses.

Source close to the situation tell TMZ, Swagger was leaving a “Smackdown” taping at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi when he was pulled over.

It’s unclear what traffic offenses Swagger is accused of committing … but they were serious enough to result in an arrest.

We’re told Swagger — a former WWE World Heavyweight champ — was taken in by local sheriff’s deputies … and later released on his own recognizance.

We reached out to WWE, who tells TMZ, “Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions.””

  • Pewp

    Argh! Swagger, noooo!! No! no! no! no! no! no! no! Really. Really? Really.

    Swagger, why…. Argh. I hope Dutch Mantel can be given a new star to manage or something, maybe a gimmick of “Americanizing Heels” like Antonio Cesaro, and 3MB.

    I hope swagger doesn’t get RVD’d over this.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Talk about messing things up big time. If I was WWE I would fire Swagger which is most likely what is going to happen. The sad part he was starting to get a big push. The thing that will probably happen now is no Randy Orton will not get the shot at the World title. There is somebody still left who should have gotten the shot for the World title all a long. Mr. Money in the Bank Zigglar. I didn’t think Swagger was going to win at Wrestlmania anyway. I believe Del Rio is going to have a long World title run.

  • RR

    U mean best part!

  • Dave

    I suspect somebodies push is about to come to a crashing halt. If you’ll pardon the pun. Shame as I was looking forward to seeing Dutch Mantell get some more mic time.

  • Prince

    The worst part about this is that Orton will likely get the title shot now.

  • d_pooch

    If this is true, the guy just screwed himself big time! Some people just can’t handle fame I guess.

  • Little Jimmy

    What Possessed him to do that!? As he was potentially at the peak of his career and was on to brighter and better things and now he’s going to be suspended. I Doubt he will be fired eg: Evan Bourne = God knows how many violations. I think though by the time he returns he will go back to his former jobber status.

  • Matt Trovato

    But he’s a real American!

  • Get your story right, it was a DUI and marijuana possession. Oh ya and speeding.

  • Prince


  • Well there goes Swaggers Wrestlemania match and most likely the departure of Dirty Dutch as well