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New Jack Says Former WWE Diva Asked Him To Kill Ex-Boyfriend

New Jack stated Monday on Facebook that former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) asked him to kill her former boyfriend, a New Jersey police officer who she broke up with in August. According to Jack, a former bounty hunter, the WWE Hall of Famer reasons that he physically abused her during their five year relationship—she made similar claims on Facebook last month.

Jack writes, “Have these bitches lost there fucking minds or what? Tammy Sytch from wwe called me this past weekend asked me would I kill her ex boyfriend who is a cop in jersey,because he has abused her and beat the shit outta her for the past 5yrs.

“I’m sure y’all are finding this hard to believe,just like the other,but please believe it!I have a signing and a show in jersey this weekend and i will be staying at a hotel in jersey for two days,but believe this when I say it…I’M NOT COMING TO JERSEY TO TRY AND KILL A GUY(COP)FOR TAMMY OR NOBODY ELSE…WTF!!!


Sytch denied his claims Tuesday on Facebook.

“nj is a wacko.. never ased him to kill my my ex,” she wrote.

  • Teran

    New Jack is always guaranteed to entertain lmao

  • venom

    @pissed off fan.

    The update with Terri and New Jack is that they both have AIDS. I think the cops should be questioning both Sunny and New Jack about this. I think it is stupid that they are both posting this stuff on facebook.

  • Satan

    New Jack is crazy but i believe him why would he say all that if it was a he would have anything against her

  • Chris

    New Jack has killed before, but as a bounty hunter, so it was considered justifiable homicide…probably self defense or something like that.

  • kennedyniles

    Wow, Sunny’s crazy!

  • Valo487

    New Jack is a real piece of garbage.

  • keylo

    Yeah like she is going ask a wanker like you too shoot a cop,after all you who acted like a child last month over Terri. I hear your heroin dealer calling you dumbass

  • or maybe no ones cares about you^

  • Pissed Off Fan

    So i guess no one knows whats up with the whole New Jack-Terri situation?

  • Pissed Off Fan Needs 2 shut up

    Hey Pissed Off Fan. Shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say. So shut the fuck up.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    WHO THE FUCK DISLIKED MY COMMENT?! ILL GET NEW JACK ON YOUR ASS! LOL naw jk jk idc. But quick question to all, what ever happened to the situation between New Jack and Terri?

  • Pissed Off Fan

    DAMN! I knew New Jack was ghetto as hell but not Sunny!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Soryy ass way for NJ to promote his signing and show in jersey.

  • shawn

    thats just insane. why would she ask him that? has he killed before?

  • Greg

    I’d do it if I cud fuck sunny from about 15 yrs ago

  • Sunny I’ll do it if you fuck me

  • I bet she did ask him. Who could make this stuff up?

  • Riffraff

    Wow…New Jack just admitted that Sunny committed a serious felony on Facebook. I wonder if he will get called in for questioning?

  • New Jack

    This bitch needs to be in prison.I have evidence that can ****** proveit! I’m taking legal action and I want wrestling-edge to be my news site to rely on about this crime. She might hire Agent 47 to fuckin kill me!