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Jackman Causes Ziggler To Suffer Jaw Injury, Matches Taped For Superstars

— Dolph Ziggler stated this evening on Twitter that he sustained a hairline mandibular fracture of his jaw from the punch Hugh Jackman struck him with on last night’s Raw SuperShow. The United States Champion noted that he will be wearing a mouth-guard in the ring while his jaw heals and will not miss any live events.

— Matches taped tonight in Dayton, Ohio for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars are as follows:

* Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd

* Brodus Clay vs. local competitor

— Randy Orton appears at Slackers CD and Games at the St Louis Mills Mall 5555 St. Louis Mills Blvd Hazelwood, Missouri next Monday beginning at 5:00 p.m. Call 314-227-5950 for more information.


  • voice of reason

    wow c – sation that john cena rant kind of came from nowhere oh well if you hate cena that’s cool like i always say “different sauces for different courses”

  • venom

    Good thing his claws didn’t hit Ziggler’s face. I give Ziggler credit working through these injuries. He’s had the US title for some time now.

  • Big T

    it must have been because of jackman’s adamantium skeleton

  • Seth

    oh C-sation you do make me laugh. You go and start your revolution. I’ll be in my non nielsen household fast forwarding through Cena matches.

  • Sammo

    Maybe this will lead to an angle like the Bradshaw and Blue Meanie incident did!

  • C – Sation

    John Cena is NOTHING but a glorified punching bag , every match he gets beat up for more then half the match then he makes a come back with his 6 moves and we should stop letting them shove this down our throats , turn the tv off when cena comes on , leave the arena when he comes out if your at an event , lets show the wwe we have cena nuff!

  • Centerman

    Seems Jackman was trained by Scott Steiner and JBL. Poor Dolph.

  • Sammo

    Yeah… That should have said “punch”.

  • Sammo

    Ha – I thought that ounch looked a bit stiff!

    Maybe Jackman took potatoing lessons from JBL.

  • voice of reason

    you don’t mess with us aussie’s lmfao but like jimbo said someone should have taught hugh how to throw a wrestling punch

    anyways i think it’s karma hugh got knocked out doing the oprah show now he’s paying it forward to dolph

  • CM Mark

    LOL, that’s probably the hardest he’s ever been hit.

  • me

    you gotta give it to Dolph, he’s a trooper

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Poor guy just can’t get a break if this is real and not just for storyline injury like when Jericho kept sporting the shiner from Tyson. First he had a groin injury then an abdominal injury and now this. I thought I had shit luck…

  • Jimbo

    You do not mess with the Wolverine!

    But seriously, you’d think someone would have shown Jackman how to throw a “wrestling” punch.