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Jake Roberts Reportedly Shows Up Intoxicated to Event

– We noted before that WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts was moving in with Diamond Dallas Page on Monday. The plan is for DDP to use his yoga program to help get Roberts back in shape for one more run in the ring.

Roberts was booked for an independent show in La Marque, Texas on Saturday night for the Coastal Wrestling Federation where he was set to face a wrestler named Johnny Blade. According to fans in attendance, Roberts had been drinking and got upset when he felt his opponent was getting too much attention, more than Roberts himself.

Roberts reportedly confronted Blade during a mid-show promo in the ring. The story goes that Roberts ordered a confused referee to the ring, hit Blade in the head and then fell on top of him for a quick, sloppy pin. Roberts then reportedly walked straight from the ring to his car and left.

There were about 300 fans in attendance and the promoter issued an apology for Roberts’ action.

  • kk

    thanks tombstone. appreciate it.

  • Tombstone

    Keep your head up. I hope everything gets better for you soon.

  • kk

    i can feel for roberts. i’m going thru alot of personal stuff too ryt now and i dont even drink but i do things that they do w/c destroys ur rep a lot :/

  • Tombstone

    I agree whole heartedly with you on this. Alchohol is an addiction and a disease. Jake has admitted to being an alchoholic and that is the first and most important step. I watched the documentary and the guy grew up having to deal with some pretty shitty things. I wish him nothing but the best.

  • a heyman guy

    bang! self high five!

  • Bob

    i liked jake and hall when they were wrestling but now days the only thing they can seem to do right is get drunk….they should just hook up and be drinking buddies and be done with it all

  • Dan

    Roberts could be getting a Diamond Cutter very soon if he really was drunk.

  • Diesel

    People need to lay off Roberts, fans & “media criticsdocumenting hi” alike.

    Yeah ok he’s had some dark troubles over the years, but the thing is alcohol addiction isn’t easy to kick and at least he’s admitted that he has a problem and has at least tried to get back on the right path.

    Also a lot of it comes from his upbringing, those of you who have seen his dvd documenting his life “Pick Your Poison”, will know what I mean by that. So a lot of that has a major influence on why Roberts has had so many demons to battle. Regardless of that fact, Jake is still one of my childhood hero’s (him and William Regal are the only ones left since Randy Savage, Curt Hennig and Davey Boy Smith are all no longer with us) and deserves all the support he can get. It’s such a shame that he never won a major title during his entire WWE career, because his ring psychology was probably one of the best in the business. Hopefully one day he’ll find and get the help he needs and also get inducted to the Hall Of Fame because quite frankly he deserves it.

  • Bawb

    Him, Hall, and Sytch — you have to wonder if there is any chance they can ever get through this. Very sad.

  • D2K

    Did they actually see him drinking or did he just look drunk? Jake has done so much damage to himself that even when sober he looks blasted.