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Jake Roberts Talks Buying TNA, Being In WWE’s Royal Rumble, Traveling with Taker and More

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently appeared on WGD Weekly with Steve and The Scum. Here are some highlights:

The possibility of buying TNA Wrestling: “…I want to run an Indigogo and raise the money to buy that son of a bitch and do it right. Not to be in competition with Vince, but to do wrestling the way I liked it. Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t. But, now I hear the guy from Smashing Pumpkins is snatching it, so maybe I should just buy the band Smashing Pumpkins and go on with my life and start singing…”

How he would plan to bring TNA to prominence if he was able to buy the company: “…I got all the thoughts, bro. There ain’t nobody better at that. I would make it simple, there would be good guys and there would be bad guys. There wouldn’t be no bullshit and there wouldn’t be twenty minute interviews. We would actually, ‘rassle…the world needs it, man…”

Why he wants to return for the 2014 Royal Rumble: “.. All I can hope for right now, you know, I’m trying to get myself in shape to do the Royal Rumble, one last time…You know, I’d like to go out on my own terms with my head held high, I think I deserve that. I’ve had thirty seven years in the ring and it was a wonderful life, it was crazy, insane, I did a lot of things wrong, but I did a lot of things right too, brother…”

Turning down Vince McMahon in 1984: “…Vince McMahon had tried to hire me before when I was with Georgia Championship Wrestling, because he bought out Georgia Championship Wrestling from some individuals at the time. He tried to hire me and I did my stupid shit, cussed him out, called him a fag, and that’s not a cigarette by the way, and told him to shove it up his ass and walked out…then…I was back asking the man for a job…”

A classic Andre the Giant story: “…One instance that was pretty horrifying for me, it was his birthday and we were up in Montreal…he had quite a few bottles of wine, and a couple bottles of vodka too. We got in the ring and there is something you never want to see if you are an opponent, and that is a playful fucking giant. It’s dangerous…if they are giggling and they are hopping around, so, I think, ‘my god, are you fucking serious, what am I gonna do now?’…during the match, we would usually do a spot…he’d grab both ropes…and he’d squat down on me, it looked great, it normally didn’t bother me at all, but this night hi hand slipped off the rope and he adjusted every frigging vertebrae in my body…I just couldn’t believe it, it knocked the breath out of me, then I turned on my side and all of a sudden I felt my shoulder vibrating, I’m thinking, ‘What the fuck is that?’…and he is laughing…Dave Hebner came over and said, ‘Andre, what are you doing laughing’…’I’m farting,’ he says, and my shoulder is vibrating, I don’t know what the world record for a fart is, but it was well into the thirty second range, and the stench, it would have gagged the maggots. My first thought was to get up and paint brush the son of a bitch, but, I quickly got over that…”

His early memories of traveling and working with a young Undertaker in WWF: “…he came to me and he says, ‘I hear you know all the great strip joints,’ I said, ‘yes, I do, worldwide,’ he says, ‘I’ll travel with you’…so, he tried to hang with me, and it’s a chemical world, so I was cheating. After about three or four weeks, we went to TV and Vince looked at him and said, ‘Mark, I don’t think you need the makeup today, you look like hell. Jake is killing you and a few days later, he was in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Finally, I had to smarten him up and tell him how I was doing it, and we then became very, very good friends. I have all the respect in the world for Mark. He has earned everything that he has gotten. He is a unique character, I love the fact that he upholds kayfabe, just a great guy, and of course he was there for the stripper times with me, and we did it well…”

  • millerj265

    I love Jake Roberts, the man has one of the best minds the wrestling business as ever seen, and I respect the heck out of him for the way he has cleaned up his life. That being said, and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way towards Jake, but who is going to want to trust and infest money in a company being run by a man who has spent the majority of his life as a hardcore drug addict, an addiction brought on by the struggles and temptations of the business he now wants to be an owner of? Could he do it? Idk maybe, would any potential financial backer trust him to do it with his drug addicted past, very unlikely. From what iv seen of Jake over the last 2yrs or so I think he will remain sober the rest of his life and again I respect the man greatly for that, but there’s just no way anyone in a position of financial power, or the heads of any networks TNA might attempt to get on under Jakes ownership (Spike tv included) would want to back a company ran by someone with Jakes past issues and demons.

  • Matt Trovato

    Alright this is gunna probably come off as ranting and isn’t the most ideal forum to talk about this but Jake’s first answer really set it off for me.

    Here’s the thing about Indiegogo/Kickstarter. If you are going ask people for their money so you can afford to buy something stupid that isn’t going to help you succeed with your ideas/dreams/life, you shouldn’t be using the service to begin with. Those sites used to feature people who have an awesome idea for an original product/invention or who need help with much more serious matters and need money to make it possible. Now it seems more people ask for money for stupid things that will benefit them only in which they can’t let the very people who helped them achieve their goal be a part of in some way.

    I understand not everyone can afford to take their kids to Disneyworld, but maybe a bigger issue would be if they can’t afford to get groceries or clothes or proper schooling for their kids instead. There’s a difference between what you want and what you need. As soon as people in the “industry” (ie Youtubers, cosplayers, you name it) start asking for money so they can keep being jobless and rely on other people giving them money I quickly lose interest in them and stop supporting and sharing their name. Supporting someone’s personal hobby isn’t going to change their lives, unless they came up with a innovative idea for documenting/cataloging/bringing more to/etc said hobby which could be useful on a higher level to others who would be into that also.

    That’s like me starting a campaign so people can donate money so I can buy more video games or Transformers. I’m perfectly able of doing that myself if I save a paycheck or two, and if I can’t afford it then I probably have other more important issues I should be looking at.

    Anyways what I’m trying to say is think of what’s really important before you start giving away your hard earned money.