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Jake Roberts Provides Update on Scott Hall

Jake “The Snake” Roberts provided an update on Scott Hall living with Diamond Dallas Page, writing on Twitter, “Say miracles abound. R u ready? Oh it’s true. Scott hall to arrive Monday. Seen him yesterday and we r so happy to report clean 4 16days”

“Will b biggest move 4either of us. Sharing road to health, sobriety and happiness. Ddp yoga will take us there just add hope, prayers love”

WWE reportedly has been making an effort to get Scott Hall back into a rehab facility.

  • John Wallace


  • John Wallace

    16 is beter then none

  • sean

    16 is noting, but keep it up scott for some reason we are rooting for u at least i am

  • I don’t care what anyone says, what DDP is doing is amazing. He’s not only created a Yoga and health system for “manly men” who otherwise might not look into it, and helped guys like Mick Foley and Jericho, etc. make wrestling comebacks and improve their overall health, but now he’s using this stuff to pretty much turn around and save the lives of long-troubled guys like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts. The man is truly amazing, on TOP of being one of the most charismatic wrestlers of all time, and former 3 time World Champion during the hottest ratings era or wrestling. The guy is a legends, belongs in the HoF someday.

  • So if you need help with your issues of alcohol and drugs, just do DDP’s yoga. Happy to see that those 2 are doing better.