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Former Strikeforce and Elite-XC champion Jake Shields told  ESPN.com that at Saturdays UFC121 he is going to show Martin Kampmann just what American Jiu-Jitsu is.  Shields makes his UFC debut this Sat. , and with President Dana White’s recent statement that Shields may earn a welterweight title shot if he wins the Cesar Gracie fighter is primed for the spotlight.

“I came from a wrestling background, which was kind of the high-paced pressure where you always attack. Then I got into jiu-jitsu, which was kind of the opposite. The idea was to be more tentative, to wait for a little bit, relax and go for submissions. They’re both great concepts. I figured with MMA, in a five-minute round, you want that high technical end of the jiu-jitsu with the submissions, but you also want to pressure and bring the fight, so I mixed the two. Brazilians try and say that no-Gi is not Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so that’s why I came up with taking two disciplines together, with the high pace of wrestling with the skill and technique of jiu-jitsu. I feel great, and I am doing all I can to get better. I am trying to refine my American jiu-jitsu, and I’ve been working a ton of striking, as well. I want to go out there and bring it to him. That’s my style. And I think Kampmann is a tough opponent. He’s a great stand-up fighter, and he’s just really well-rounded, with grappling as well. His wrestling’s pretty good, too, but I don’t think it’s at my level.”

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