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Jake “The Snake” Roberts Addresses Exclusion From The WWE Hall of Fame

One of the most unique and memorable wrestlers in WWE history, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, is among the most glaring omissions from the WWE Hall of Fame. Roberts commented on his exclusion from WWE’s gallery of greats during a recent interview with the Busted Open satellite radio show.

“There’s been a lot of guys go in that belong there, and…there are some who shouldn’t be in there, but who the hell am I? Hell, I’m not in there, so what the hell. Maybe someday when they put some more guys in there, maybe I’ll go in. I would love to go in, not so much for me, but for my kids, man. It’s part of my legacy. I put so much into wrestling; 37 years of it. Why I’m not there, I’m sure somebody’s got a reason,” he said.

When asked whether WWE and other wrestling organizations are scared to give him another employment opportunity, Roberts said, “I don’t think it’s the past. I think it’s just me, period, because of what I believe in… I’m a team player because I want the product better, but… my nose doesn’t fit well up anybody’s butt.”

  • Stumpy

    The Snake is still the man. His nose never did fit well in anybody’s backside and it never will. Hire him back Big E. The younger wrestlers need someone as cold-blooded as he could be to teach how to have that killer instinct in their characters.

  • Diesel

    It’s just beyond ridiculous how guys like Jake, British Bulldog & Randy Savage keep getting snubbed on a yearly basis yet guys like Drew Carey, William Perry, Sunny (as hot as she was and as much as I love her I don’t think she’s a Hall Of Famer unlike say Alundra Blaze), Koko B Ware and Bob Uecker go in no problem.

    Come on WWE get a grip

  • Dave

    Just keep your nose clean for a couple of years. Vince doesn’t want another ticking time bomb sitting in the HOF.

  • moo

    I agree with Jake, I think there persecuting him for being a drug addict, I remember when Triple H was talking about the kliq recently he didn’t even bring up Scott Hall, disgusting.

  • jigsaw

    @ wild eye you’ve hit the nail on the head there what a ripper line up

  • D2K

    Right on Wildeye! I’ll take that HOF line-up all day long.

  • Jake

    It’s because of his drug demons, otherwise he would be a sure bet but Vince doesn’t want the negative publicity

  • wildeye

    personally I think he should be in there. next year it should be the Poffo family, Jake the Snake, the Bulldogs and Demolition.