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Jake “The Snake” Roberts Wants to Buy TNA, Guarantees His Numbers Will Beat McMahon’s

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who moved out of Diamond Dallas Page’s Accountability Crib and is now living with his lawyer, told that he wants to use crowd-funding site Indiegogo so fans can help him purchase TNA.

He was asked about TNA going up for sale. Here’s his response:

“God, it needs to. I mean, I watched for 10, 12, 15 years, however long it’s been out there and they suck. I guarantee you if I get the opportunity, in a matter of six months I’ll be pissing Vince McMahon off. My numbers will beat his, I guarantee you that.”

Jake, who says he hasn’t heard from WWE in regards to a Royal Rumble return, says he would rather own TNA so he can change the world and get wrestling back to what it should be – wrestling, not sports entertainment.

  • d_pooch

    I dunno, as much as I love Jake and want to believe in him, it sounds like a very lofty goal. I mean, considering where Jake’s been and where he is now, obviously he doesn’t have the resources to buy it himself. The poor guy is obviously still co-dependent on others to take care of himself. I just hope he is able to focus on staying healthy. Going up against Vince McMahon is never a good idea for anyone.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Jake how many people have said that an ended up on the shot end of the stick. A better idea right to me is to start up a new wrestling federation that right start fresh. To me TNA is a lost case so just start fresh.

  • millerj265

    Your right, i meant it as not seeing him as a main event star, they just saw him as he said in his own words, a good utility worker who could have a great match with anyone, but they nvr looked at him as a guy who could be on top and draw money.

  • Josh

    I wouldn’t call WCW giving Austin multiple runs with each of the US, TV, and tag titles seeing “absolutely nothing” in him.

  • D2K

    So if he moved out of DDP’s mansion does that mean he graduated? I don’t get why he left.

  • millerj265

    A lot of ppl saw star potential in Steve Austin, the USWA saw a lot in him, ECW and especially Paul Haymen saw a whole lot in him, And while WWE may not have seen in him what eventually came to pass, they did see enough in him to keep him around after Ted Dibiase left the company and to give him the freedom to just be himself. The only company/person to see absolutely nothing in him was WCW, and Eric Bischoff, and we see how well they turned out lol. But that doesn’t take away from Jake and his ability to spot talent, and his amazing mind for wrestling and wrestling phycology, plus he did see something in, and help bring out the best in a certain 30 something wrestler who was trying to break into the business at a very late age, MR.DDP himself.

  • CC

    You sure you are off the booze Jake? ha ha ha
    Firstly, you gotta get a shit load of funding from fans to be able to afford it. And if you need fans to pay for the purchase of the company, how do you expect to pay the day to day running costs? Get the fans to pay for that as well?
    None of this business plan sounds like it would be a WWE beater.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Isn’t Jake the one who saw star potential in Steve Austin? I’m sure he’d do much better running TNA than Dixie.