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Why Is Jake “The Snake” Roberts Moving In With DDP Today?

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page tells Josh Stewart of that WWE Legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts is moving into one of his Atlanta-area homes to train for one more pro wrestling run.

Beginning today, Roberts will move in with Page and the two will begin training while cameras film for a planned documentary. The idea is to get the 57 year old Roberts back in good enough shape for one more run. Page told that Roberts’ weight had ballooned up to 302 lbs.

Page had one stipulation before beginning the project – Roberts must do his DDPYOGA program for 6 or 8 weeks. Roberts began the program in Texas, and was filmed, and lost 20 lbs. in the first 3 1/2 weeks of training. Roberts has lost about 35 lbs. so far.

Besides the physical training, DDP and filmmaker Steve Yu will help Roberts get up to date on using things like Facebook and Twitter. Roberts will also be drug tested while he is in the house and Page says if Roberts fails, he’s gone.

“Bottom line is, everybody wants the comeback story,” DDP said. “Everybody wants to see Jake look good, and feel good, and not be a mess anymore. That would be great. I think there are a lot of really positive things that can come out of this if Jake really does it.”

  • batesy boy

    Barry Horowitz, if jake turns himself around il bum a snake

  • Swanton Bob

    ..and that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing. 🙂

  • Pig

    @rko “I’m pulling for the Snake.”

    Something just funny as hell about that.

  • barry horowitz

    Batesy why dont you not jump to conclusions and wait and see? DDP will get jake in the best shape of his life,look at DDP himself he’s older but last time we saw him he looked great,if DDP believes in jake so do I.

  • batesy boy

    one more run?? at 57 after abusing his body for the best part of 25 years?!?! its sad seeing Flair doing it but at least he has kept himself together, Jake will end up hurting somebody and embarrassing himself. The only 50+ superstar who can still pull it off is Sting

  • rko

    I’m pulling for the Snake.
    DDP ought to offer the same olive branch to Scott Hall. I’d love to see Scott Hall make one more run in tip-top shape sober.

  • Eddie

    Why Is Jake “The Snake” Roberts Moving In With DDP Today?

    My first thought upon reading this: “well, if it’s a consentual thing between two adults…”

  • D2K

    I haven’t heard of Jake having any episodes for a long time now. Prayerfully those troubles are far behind. Even if they aren’t, that still isn’t a reason for him not to be in the WWE Hall Of Fame already. I’m mean, look at Sunny….

  • Damn nigga I need that DDP shit too Cuz.

  • Bawb

    I mean this in a serious sense: DDP’s got to make sure Jake doesn’t sneak drugs or alcohol into his home, as things can get very complicated. Hope this cleans Roberts up and puts him into a decent shape.

  • Enigma

    All the very best Jake…He is one of the gretest characters in pro wrestling…

  • My Morning Jacket

    This should be interesting. Good luck to both! Jake “The Snake” Roberts for HOF 2013!!!!!