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James Ellsworth recalls interesting encounter with Vince McMahon after his first appearance

James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth has been one of the most memorable figures in the company in the recent past when it comes to entertaining. The former WWE star was initially pitted against Braun Strowman where he immediately won over the WWE Universe, he was then paired with Carmella for a brief time before his departure from the company.

Ellsworth reveals the events post his encounter against The Monster Among Men on the Taz Show. Ellsworth claimed that Vince McMahon called him right of the bat to praise his brief cameo. Ellsworth said:

“Absolutely. Right after the match, Arn Anderson, who was the agent for the match, told me Vince was looking for me. I said, “Oh really? Why would he be looking for me? What did I do wrong?” I found Vince and he was coming down the stairs there outside of Gorilla looking for me and I found him. He said, “Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you did a very good job. I was very pleased with that. Thank you!” I was like, “Huh?” Jericho called me that night, and I told him about that and he told me the same thing (about Vince McMahon rarely thanking someone), and told me the same thing on his podcast as well. It just doesn’t happen a lot. To me it was out of nowhere. I didn’t expect it and very, very cool. I’ll never forget that moment, for sure.

Ellsworth also went on to elaborate his relationship with the chairman of the company. Ellsworth stated:

“Oh yeah, absolutely. Whenever I got the chance to talk to him, which wasn’t often, but every time after a segment or a match, I would walk up to him at the Gorilla and thank him for the opportunity, and he’d shake my hand. Other than that, we talked a handful of times in the office. I didn’t try to bother him too much, and it was always very positive.”

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