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James Ellsworth releases fresh statement on the recent allegations

The Wrestling Community was shaken by disbelief after allegations against James Ellsworth surfaced where he allegedly sent nude pictures to a 16-year old girl.

While the former WWE wrestler has gone onto deny the incident, it has caused him way too much harm with his reputation being hit to an all-time low.

James Ellsworth a statement clarifying his silence on the matter till now and has claimed to take legal action against any party that “persists with the promotion of these lies.”. Here’s the statement in full:

“Recently, allegations of misconduct have been lodged against me which I categorically deny. I never have, nor will I ever engage in any activity that could be deemed as inappropriate or disrespectful. My delay in publicly commenting on this situation was based on the advice of my legal team which has just completed a thorough investigation. My attorneys have pinpointed a trusted witness who is willing to testify on my behalf. In addition, they have uncovered concrete evidence that supports my innocence and proves that without a shadow of a doubt the social media accounts alleged to be mine are fake and the messages from the account were fraudulently created without my knowledge or consent. My only hope is to restore my reputation as I, along with my family, friends and supporters have suffered because of a social media stunt devised to end my professional wrestling career. My team and I are prepared to pursue legal action against any party that persists with the promotion of these lies.”

  • Mike the Ike

    Your existence is a waste. I’m not defending anyone. What I’m saying is let’s wait until the facts come out and THEN make a decision about that man. If he’s guilty, he should go to prison. So far, NOTHING has been proven. I got a buddy doing 25 years right now for supposedly raping his daughter. Problem is the doctor’s report said that not only had she not been raped, she had NEVER been penetrated before. The morons on the jury convicted anyway. You’re a sad, pathetic, waste of skin. None of us know what happened. Women lie, accounts get hacked. We need to wait and see.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Yeah. I agree about the beta males thing. Can you imagine defending someone who might’ve sent his package to a kid? It would be pretty sad, huh?

  • Soulshroude

    Who’s Ford? I’m not too interested in United States politics.

  • Mike the Ike

    There are several SJW crybabies and beta males around here.

  • Jimmy

    Yeah and I bet you Believed Ford’s BS against Kavanaugh too ya a$$ hat.

  • Soulshroude

    CHummer… not another word without an “Attorney” present as usual… otherwise, your statement is null and void and is declared as such into further evaluation is fit and or as necessary by standards therein. You can’t just post something “sympathetic” and feel that your “audience” will fall for it. You really need to go through the proper channels like everyone else.