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JBL Comments on Making a Comeback, Royal Rumble Match Note, HBK

– Former WWE Champion JBL wrote the following online this weekend in reply to fans asking about him making a comeback:

“For those asking about a comeback-who wants to see a comeback of a guy who can talk circles around the kids and is in best shape of his life”

– Barry sent the following: They announced on last week’s WWE Superstars that wrestlers who have singles matches at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view will still be eligible for the 30-man Rumble main event.

– Shawn Michaels took questions from fans on Twitter this weekend and provided some insight into how Ric Flair will appear at the WWE Hall of Fame this year. A fan asked if TNA will allow Flair to attend this year and Shawn replied:

“Allow? He attended last year.”

Another fan asked Shawn when did he decide that he wanted to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania:

“Never, folks did that for me. I just agree.”

  • venom

    Sheamus will win the rumble.

  • Quite Frankly

    @LSC – I agree, I do not want to see Cena in the Rumble since he already has his Mania match. But knowing WWE, they’d probably have Cena win the Rumble and wrestle twice at Mania!

    I also do not expect to see CM Punk in the Rumble, assuming he retains the title against Ziggler.

  • KpNuttzLol

    I’m hoping for Barrett to win. However, I quite like that singles competitors are allowed to participate in the Rumble too. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kane in it and him possibly winning since it is long over due.

  • jake the snake

    yea, randy orton winning the rumble would blow ass.. what a let down, there’s no reason for it.. i can give 2 shits if the rumble is in his home town!! isn’t evan bourne from there to?? fuck i would rather see him get high off some fake weed and win the damn thing before the viper

  • sandman

    I hope jbl is in the rumble and I hope Y2J wins it to face CM Punk at wrestlemania.

  • Nicholas G

    JBL is never coming back to Pro Wrestling as a wrestler. This guy took care of his money to where he don’t have to wrestle anymore. An good for him I rather see a guy like JBL that has work so hard in wrestling an believe me JBL from where he was to were he is now really had to work hard. The guy had so many gimmicks an always felt he was being under use when he finally had his big break in the WWE he is still the longest rating Smackdown champion I do believe. An to me the only thing I wish is JBL would go back to doing color he was very refreshing with the knowledge he had.

    I respect JBL an know dough a future WWE Hall of Fame. I wonder how is it Edge and HBK don’t have to wait very long which I like both guys. But a guy like JBL has to wait a little longer just wondering.

  • Second City Saints

    Sheamus or barrett for the rumble hoping undertaker is coming back for the rumble

  • JIR

    @ LSC
    Think back to when Cena won the Rumble at MSG he cashed it in at Elimination Chamber/ I can remember the PPVs name but it was right after the Rumble

  • No1coleminer

    love love love how even when an article has nothing to do with cena, no cena mention, keyboard warriors come out in force, ‘hatin’ on cena. and people wonder why the wwe dont take notice of fans demanding new originality when the fans themselves cant move on and encompass everything they hate about ‘stale’ same old same old wwe.

    even Jericho wasnt acting when he called yall hypocrites

  • Zane

    For the love of God don’t let Ortan win the Royal Rumble.

  • LSC

    If Cena is in the rumble, I am going to scratch my head in confusion. He is already in the main event at WM28! I just expect him not to