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JBL Receives Hate Mail, Update on Christian’s Return, More

– The November 19th WWE RAW had 336,000 homes watching via DVR or tape delay. The November 26th show had 292,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay.

– Another sign that Ted DiBiase may be on his way out of WWE is that they have just put his t-shirts on sale for $1.99.

– JBL received a bunch of hate mail from fans of the Rangers Football Club, a soccer team in Scotland, when he mentioned on the December 17th RAW that they went bankrupt.

– The latest word on Christian is that he will be back early-to-mid January.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • yofitz

    Christian Cage with Edge vs Dolph Ziggler with Billy Gunn world title ladder match at Wm29


  • Prince

    About time Christian comes back. I wonder who he’ll work with? I could see him feuding with Cesaro.

  • CiB

    As a proud Scot I can say I’m glad the Gers went bust. the clubs financial practices were destroying Scottish Football. Tyler, it was much bigger than just one man- is your one man David Murray, who did most of the damage, or Craig Whyte, who bought the club with it’s own money?

    But ultimatly Rangers “fans”. for the most part have not taken this well, much to the amusement of the rest (and majority) of Scots.

  • Lazlo Woodbine

    I laughed when JBL mentioned that, Gers fans are a bitter bunch at the moment. The hate mail was inevitable.

  • Tyler(:

    Football, not soccer.

    And the scots do have some reason too be angry as it was basically one mans fault the club went in the shithole, but hate mail? nice way of stereotyping yourself Scots.

  • Sam Peters

    Why did Rangers fans hate on JBL for telling the truth lmao :L pathetic scotsman, saying that im not surprised as they have nothing better to do lol