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Why JBL Recently Knocked Jim Ross on RAW, More on the Vince McMahon “Accident” Story

– You may have noticed on the March 3rd RAW, before the Sheamus vs. Christian match, JBL started talking about how much he liked Vince McMahon as an announcer. Jerry Lawler then asked how he would compare Vince as an announcer to Jim Ross. JBL said Vince was better because he could speak English, and then said it’s like comparing horse manure to ice cream, which was a line Bobby Heenan used in 1991.

Apparently this was done because certain people within WWE were very upset at Jim Ross for telling a story on Opie & Anthony about Vince McMahon sharting himself during a segment in the Attitude Era. Ross told how Vince was working with Gerald Brisco, who has a notoriously weak stomach, in the gorilla position backstage and before going out, Vince went to fart in Brisco’s face to make him vomit but accidentally sharted on himself. Vince went out to do his segment, with the brown stain in his pants visible, but none of the cameramen were brave enough to shoot it.

That’s all Ross told on Opie & Anthony. At the time it happened, the story was that Vince came back, changed clothes and was holding the dirty pants in his hand. Vince tried to chase Brisco down with it to make him vomit, and Triple H grabbed Brisco to hold him so he couldn’t get away but Brisco used one of his old amateur wrestling moves and escaped.

The story Ross told on Opie & Anthony made its way across the internet and to sites like TMZ. The jabs at Ross on RAW were clearly set up and JBL is often the voice of Vince on commentary. Another sign the segment was set up is that Lawler and Ross are legitimately best friends.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • D2K

    Jim Ross was perfect for the Attitude Era, but I think that both Gordon Soile and Gorilla Monsoon pwn Jim Ross. If I could compare boxing commentators to wrestling commentators I would go like this.

    Gordon Solie = Howard Cosell

    Like Cosell, Solie could carry an entire match broadcasting by himself. Didn’t need a color guy. He was the real deal. Very classy guys

    Gorilla Monsoon = Col. Bob Sheridan

    Like Bob Sheridan, Gorilla made every match he called feel special. Bob Sheridan can make opening a can of soup epic. Gorilla Monsoon was the same way. Both guys are also extremely classy. What I feel separates Gorilla Monsoon from any commentator is that he had perfect chemistry with any person he called matches with. Even if they weren’t into it, he could adapt to their style. Bob Sheridan has been able to transition back and forth between boxing and MMA and he feels like he belongs in both places. Whether it was Heenan, Vince, Jesse, Schivonie, McMahon, Ross, Lane, even celebrities like Bob Uceker and Mary Hart, he could blend in with anyone. He also knew more about wrestling holds that any commentator before or since. You would see a wrestler pull out a move that you’ve never seen before and he new the EXACT name of it.

    Jim Ross = Joe Tessitore

    Like Tessitore, Jim Ross has the ability to really get you on the edge of your seat with his commentary. Also like Tessitore, Jim Ross had a specific skill set that fit in with a specific time frame. Jim Ross also is very knowledgeable on wrestling holds and tells a good story. He also is funny on the mic at times.

    Michael Cole = Jim Lampley

    Like Jim Lampley, Michael Cole has been commentating for a long time, but is only at the forefront because of the process of elimination. Very solid, does his job well, but nothing stands out as ‘unique’ about him. Michael Cole comes across as a guy who put together a mouse-trap perfectly following the directions, whereas the other commentators found a way to build a BETTER mouse-trap.

  • rick

    That’s one childish and disgusting prank, so how old was vince when he did that? WTF , by the way JBL sucks at commentary, he´s such a cliche heel commentator, he was so much better as a pro wrestler

  • justAfan

    Never was a fan of Jim Ross on commentary. And also not a fan of JBL on commentary, I enjoyed JBL May 2004-April 2005 but that’s long gone. Personally Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura or Bobby Heenan team is the best.