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JBL Reveals How a Referee Botch Derailed His Push

JBL shared a story about how his path to a major WWE push was derailed by a botched referee’s call on his Facebook page. JBL was referring to the 1996 Survivor Series when he was wrestling as the long-haired “Bradshaw” character.

“My first Survivor Series my team was to go over and it was to be my first big push. It was one of first times refs used ear pieces, or at least, different ear pieces. So, I do a ‘false finish’ and Tim White counts me out! I had kicked out on ‘2,’ but Tim was listening to someone in his ear and wasn’t paying attention. He looked up and said, ‘Oh my God, kid, I am so sorry,’ but then had to pantomine he was sending me out of ring.”

“I got to the back and was chewed out, I couldn’t stooge Tim so I just took it-later they realized Tim made a mistake and told me they were sorry. It was my pal Gerald Brisco that had chewed me out as he ran ‘Gorilla’ back then. My push was killed and pretty much so was ‘Justin Hawk Bradshaw,’ but that is a different story-which I’ll tell later. I thought about this today as I was reading some tweets from folks about Survivor Series.”

Looking back at the match, JBL was rolled up from behind during chaos and JBL kicked out in a natural-looking spot, but Tim White kept counting to three, then realized his error.

Vince McMahon and Jim Ross acted befuddled that JBL was counted out, questioning whether the referee made a bad call, in kayfabe terms. A few moments later, WWE replayed the errant three count, with Ross covering for JBL that the ref messed up.

  • Devil_Rising

    Perhaps this is a good illustration of why you DON’T have referees and announcers with ear-pieces so Vince can scream at them the entire time, telling them exactly what to say and do. A good boss doesn’t micro manage. A good boss knows how to hire quality talent, and trust them to do their fucking jobs.

    Vince is an enormous tool and a control freak who is ruining his own creation. That is all.

  • Baz

    The Roadie!!! AWESOME

  • chronoxiong

    Now I wonder what could’ve been if that botch didn’t happen. He did become a “Wrestling God” eventually but it took a long time for it to become a reality.

  • eric

    yeah watch jbl vs eddie guerreo bullrope match for wwe title at great american bash 2004. jblw heel turn was great. from tag team guy with farooh in apa 3 time tag team champion. to wwe champion. his million dollar man gimmick was great. gimmick was great sold it well. had great long reign as wwe champion. near yr as wwe champion. from june 2004-april 2005 wrestlemania21 over 10 months as wwe champion. He became hbk star of the apa tag team. That seems to be case over past 20 yrs one guy in tag team becomes sucessful star another guy fades away as mid card talent. shawn micheals star in rockers to become 3 time wwe champion 1 time world champion, 3 time ic champion. bret hart star of hart fountain. become king ring winner. 2 time ic tag team champion. when hogan left. he became man 5 time wwe champion. headline mainevent 3 wrestlemains 9,10, 12. edge became star of edge christian tag team. become 12 time world champion. main event main ppv and wrestlemanias. hardy boys jeff hardy became star of hardy boys. to get over with kids. become 2 time world champion as big star in 2009. the miz became star in morrison and miz tag team. to become 1time wwe champion. scott stenier of steiner bros became star of stenier bros. become us champion, 1time world heavyweight champion in wcw. bookert became star in harlem heat. as 5 time wcw world heavyweight champion. 1 time world champion in wwe. every tag team near 20 yrs. it is always has on guy become star maineventer draw champion. than other guy to stuck in mid card to fade away.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    Wow! And for some reason today I decided to watch the match between him and John cena at Royal Rumble 2009 thinking about his carreer. Don’t even sweat it JBL. You are one of the best. U are one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers. Long live “The Wrestling God”.

  • Bill

    Well, had Bradshaw become the star, there’d be no JBL as we know it today. His run in 2004 was awesome. Wish there was a heel stable like the Cabinet again with a cool heel champ.