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JBL Talks About Eddie’s Role in Putting Him Over & Upcoming Climbs

Arda Ocal of The Score Television Network recently spoke to former WWE superstar John “Bradshaw” Layfield. Here are some highlights.

JBL talks about Eddies role in getting him over in the WWE: Eddie and I were really good friends. Eddie wanted the JBL character to succeed very badly. When I first started, I had been a mid-card to an upper-mid card guy my whole career. I filled in a few main events, but I was not a main event guy. People just weren’t buying the JBL character, it was forced down on them. It was one day I was Bradshaw and the next day I was JBL, with a cowboy hat in a world title match- people just didn’t buy it. Eddie really took that personal and he took it upon himself to get me over… His brother [Chavo] was a huge instrumental piece of what we did during that time. That’s when we came up with the heart attack angle with his mother and that’s when we came up with the immigration, back and forth over the border. A lot of that was Eddie, Chavo and I sitting around in the dressing room talking. If it hadn’t been for Eddie I don’t think the JBL character would have ever worked.

JBL gives an update about his up coming climbs: I got Kilimanjaro next which is the easiest of the seven summits. It’s very high, 19,000 feet, but it’s the easiest of the seven summits…. Some of these mountains, Aconcagua and Vincent, when you’re climbing, you got to be climbing the whole time. At Russia, we had a little bit of down time, that’s why I chose it, so I could learn mountain skills. I didn’t even know how to put cramps on when I got there. I learned a lot.

  • SYM

    Fuck Eddie, mediocre wrestler, best thing about him was vickie

  • Buttercastle

    Isn’t Chavo Eddie’s nephew?

    Either way Eddie was such a big superstar and it’s really awesome how much he wanted to help his friends.

  • lazlo woodbine

    And here I was thinking Chavo would only be praised when he was dead.

  • voice of reason

    @ nick kidd well said.

    after all of these years i still miss eddie it was such a sad day when eddie left us & for me the pain is still pretty raw it is unfortunate that the fire which was latino heat has been extinguished, i thank eddie for being a great heel i thank eddie for being a great face but most of all i thank eddie for the times where i remember the pranks he did & how he got away with it.

    long live eddie guerrero’s memory.


    thank you.

  • Nick Kidd


  • Tommy

    After all these years we’ve heard a lot of wrestlers talking about how great Eddie was. I was too ”young” at this time to realize that. Such a shame.

  • chronoxiong

    This is why Eddie is missed. He helped got JBL over and Batista said that it was Eddie who got him comfortable on Smackdown when he got drafted there. A great man and a great wrestler. RIP Eddie.