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  • In Grind We Crust

    stfu. you’re both f@ggots.

  • HHHkidisanidiot

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT …. Its no longer personal when it effects your work…. he is a lazy drug addict trying to stay relevant with horrible wrestling skills … He looks alot older than even RVD in ring… Doing drugs is not a personal life issue unless its in moderation… Any recovering addict can tell you the choices they made involving drugs have hurt others. The HHH kid that posted must be an absolute tool go jump off a cliff if u think that way

  • HHH

    these kids with “drugs drugs” comments makes me sick! it is HIS personal life stupid kids! it is his OWN DECISION if he uses drugs or not! Personal Life you know. We can discuse his Wrestling History or abilities but not his personal life

  • Kerry Alan

    nope i bet this is when the drugs were just getting introduced

  • James

    Before the drugs…