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Jeff Hardy Actually Leaving After SummerSlam?, Talk on Christian vs. Zack Ryder

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– There was some talk within WWE this week about the good Christian vs. Zack Ryder match on ECW and about how Ryder blew up bad late in the match. Some defended him saying that it had been forever since he worked a match that long because he’s never booked on live events and is rarely booked on TV. Christian received praise for carrying Ryder through the match and putting on such a good show.

– The word at the WWE TV tapings this week was that World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will be taking some time off after SummerSlam. One source says that Hardy was surprised WWE put the belt on him because they had some what known by then that he was going to leave for a while to pursue other things. Word is that they may be working on some kind of merchandise deal while he’s gone. Hardy has apparently been telling people that he is not looking to leave to join another company. It’s safe to say that Hardy will be dropping the belt at SummerSlam or some time soon unless things change with him leaving.

  • brenda

    We will miss him now that he left the WWE.I hpoe he will come back soon.He is my favorite wrestler.

  • Regina

    Most other women who slob down Jeff Hardy might be in tears and boo-hooing, but I for one am not. I agree with most here that Jeff never seemed to really be into pro wrestling as of late plus he got into trouble with drugs and such one to many times for my liking. Plus correct me if i’m wrong, but diden’t Jeff, a few years back, wanna take “time off” from the WWE to persue or “attempt” to persue a career in music? only to end up in TNA for liek two years? Yeah I somehow see a repeat of that this time around as well. Or Jeff wanting to take time off to smoke crack again or lord knows what.

  • Josh

    Bringing back The Undertaker, will fill the dominant face role of Smackdown. Jeff Hardy is a great wrestler, I don’t think anybody should talk shit about someone who entertains, and puts his body through the high risk maneuvers he does. I think it’s good that he is taking time off, he deserves it. All I can hope for is that after awhile he will make a big comeback.

  • OXOX jeff hardy

    and jeff has the most fans of all WWE superstars i resherched it and even asked when i went to wwe and they said he is the most popular wwe superstar every one knowes that even more the john cena cuz john cena hass alot of h8ers too

  • milena

    Jeff doues care alote about the industry buht the only reason he is probably leaving if for a month cuz the doctors said cuz of his injury thats all
    ppl if u dont kno dont talk sbhit + u ppl probably dont even kno his birthdy or anything about him and u probably dont kno anything about WWE go get a life ppl

  • Angie

    Jeff Hardy Rocks! So stop doubting him! He’s probably the best wrestler in the WWE. He puts his body on the line every time he wrestles! And some of you people have the nerve to say some of the things you’re saying about him! Sure, he’s made some mistakes by doing drugs, but hey everyone makes mistakes. He’s only human just like you. So leave him the hell alone!

  • Gretchen

    So what if he feels he needs some time off! He has earned it. How many 9 to 5 office people take 2 to 4 weeks off every year? What do they need time off from? The desk chair leaving “bed sores”? Please! This man puts himself through hell. Who knows, he may be back. He will be awesome at whatever he decides to do. I would love to see him stay, but not if he isn’t happy.

  • Supz

    Get lost you none believers :@…. Jeff is a Great Wrestler. He has served the WWE Universe well, with insane TLC, Ladder, and other entertaining matches such as Cage Matches, etc. If any wrestler deserves a break its Jeff Hardy, sure the “old folk” are still around, but they don’t put their bodies through what Hardy Does. He’s always the Wrecking ball of every match. His body must be aching. Jeff is a great entertainer and fingers crossed for his return to professional wrestling.

  • Mark

    oh yeah forgot to add this in my other post, If he wants to take a break for any reason, to get into other things, rest, or go smoke some stuff then let him. Hell The brian kendricks did it performed like 2 minutes after that and look at him now………… ok never mind TBK….

  • Mark

    wow alot of people talkin sh** about hardy? dudes the wwe creative team figures out who wins the title not the wrestlers themselves so blame the wwe for him not getting the titles after so many shots. they could of made him miss his chances to build up a storyline or something. and so what he did drugs? he came back stronger than ever. and who else jumps off lighting fixtures or a wwe 16 wheeler onto concrete even though there was probably a mat? Jeff hardy rocks and even though you b**** and moan theres nothing you can do about it

  • Rob

    I think the Hardy situation is selfish and smart at the same time. He shouldn’t leave his fans and work behind, but him leaving will build a lot of steam for his return. So I really don’t know how to feel for it. Plus the dude wants to smoke some cheeba, can’t blame him there.

  • Lee

    With Hardy leaving, Smackdown is going to take a serious tumble. They have to start hyping up the youngin’s in smackdown and actually give veteran’s the title. With Edge and Hardy gone, they have to give a giant push (in my opinion) to Morrison, Ziggler, Rey, and Matt. Rey-Rey has great popularity, especially in the Latino community, so it would be smart to give him the WHC to increase ratings. Ziggler should win the IC title to start becoming a major face in the business and Morrison has to keep busting his ass like he is now. Matt is gonna have to take over for Jeff with the rivalry against CM Punk, scripting Jeff to be injured severely so he can take his time off, and Matt fight for his brother.

    Too bad Vince or the WWE writer’s won’t think like I am.

  • matt

    I can’t believe all of you talking sh** about jeff hardy. He is one of the greatest in the business. He has the most amazing, unique, and original moves that nobody else uses although he could work on his mic skills. All everyone can talk about is “oh, he does drugs” which is all probably part of the storyline anyway, and even if he does, so f***ing what. half the guys do steroids anywayz which he obviously does not, and nobody cares about that. but god forbid someone smokes a little weed. we’re gonna miss u jeff, now who’s gonna do the 30+ ft high risk moves??

  • Jason

    Yeh guys lets face it! Jeff Hardy sucks! It took him how long to be World champion? 20 years was it? and hes had what 10 title shots in the last month? This guy sucks lets face it! All he is is a brick in the road for some younger superstar to step forward! C’mon get Dolph Ziggler or Kane or hell Zack Ryder! I’ve seen these guys in action and they’ve got skill but no WWE cant give the title to Kane who has been a great athlete the past 15 years, no they give it to the dope smoking Hardy and put Kane’s character as a torturing freak!!! WWE is a bunch of idiots!!!

  • Amber

    LOL at all of the other comments. Jeff is actually coming to the UK on tour so maybe he’s not doing televised programmes any more. Who knows?

  • Jason

    I just a promo for the tour in Germany in
    October and Jeff’s name was mentioned in the tour so he just might even stay longer.

  • Raziel

    I want the so called leaker’s name, who in the WWE keeps getting this information.

  • Kyle

    thank god he is leaving! i hate that crackhead!

  • eric

    As a jhardy fan since 1999 i’m very happy he has reached the top. He has shown little regard for his body for years, and its understandable for him to numb the pain with drugs. Its also understandable for him to take time off although odd at the height of his popularity. Matt Hardy works his ass off but i have strong doubts about him ever reaching the heights of his bro. although i think he deserves it and most fans will accept whomever wwe tells them is good.

  • Jaspreet

    CSAILOR… If you are so frustrated with Jeff Hardy being in the spotlight all the time… then what do you feel about John Cena??? He has been the spotlight for about 4 years now…

  • Steve Beyer

    Man that sucks. even though jeff hardy doesnt really care about the bussiness i think he stopped caring when his brother left him. he acomplished much more but from the second that chair hit hardys head i saw something missing from him. its over for him.

  • Doug

    Its not about whos earned a title run, its who draws and quite frankly Matt Hardy doesn’t. Jeff Hardy may smoke weed and not “show any passion” for the business but if thats the case I like to see him when he does show passion that would be truly amazing. Fair play to Jeff for taking time off, prolonging his career in my eyes and not being a puppet like so many others before him to the evil McMahon empire. Its obvious Vince does things for money and he also has his favourites, that is the only reason CM Punk has had the title and will get the title again because of his straight edge image which is so pro family. Quite frankly Fuck CM Punks straight edge personlaity I couldn’t care less. Someone who can misbehave like Jeff and so many others before him and still turn it on in the ring is a true great in my eyes.

  • baddog12k

    Its time for Matt to get the spotlight no offense to jeff hes a great entertainer but Matt has busted his ass everyday hes earned a titel run its bout damn time he got one

  • Alan

    Matt hardy returning it should make up for Jeff leaving.

    HAHA very funny things will take up MH returning, bollox as he is the most boring wrestler. Now Taker I will give you that as even now he is old he still puts on a good match and sells it well. Put the belt on Kane and not that muppet punk as he is as bad as both hardy’s ( mic skills). And with the belt on Kane and with Taker on his way back that is a match I would like to see as how boring will a match with Kane and the dopey giant be. As even Taker did his best to get him over and the muppet fucked that up and even made taker look bad in some of their matches.

  • dodger

    Let’s put this in a simple way hardy wins he stays longer. Punk wins hardy taking time off. Vince puts alot false reports out there.

  • jaybee

    Jeff has been great for the last year. It has been cool finally seeing him reach the top, too bad he has to quit now that he made it big. Hopefully Morrison will end up taking his spot, and with taker and Matt hardy returning it should make up for Jeff leaving.

  • Vinny

    r u kidding hardy goes through hell nd his body cant b in good shape. He deserves a nice break

  • Syxx70

    Jeff Hardy sucks, someone with no mic skills o wrestling ability should never be champion.

  • Savior

    Wow…Okay Jeff. He has a ton of fans and the way he keeps making people think hes going to quit for awhile, and then not do it has gotten really old. Hes wanting time off probably to do drugs and shit anyway…What kind of guy is that? Majorly gay. Either stick with the sport. Or stay out of it.

  • brody

    If Hardy wants to take some time off to light up a smoko, let him. He had a good run this time round, and his popularity’s gone up to the point where he’ll be welcomed back by most of the fans. He’s had a fair amount of time in the spotlight, but nothing compared to the dinosaurs on raw. It’s about time the newer guys get a shot at carrying both raw and smackdown, to see if they can run with the ball. One of smackdown’s main eventers is taking off for awhile, it’s a good opportunity for one of the younger guys to step up into the spot. Remmeber, more competition means that smackdown won’t devolve into an endless repetition of cena/h/orton main events and ppvs.

  • seanwdragon

    gotta remember about guys like foley though, they wrestled for very little money, and kept doing it because they had no money. For WWE the guys get paid pretty decently, especially compared to 15-20 years ago (when foley was in his prime). Foley needed the money, whereas Jeff doesn’t, which is why he’s taking a break.

  • Raziel

    god forbid someone with a job takes vacation time that they’ve built up

  • Shawn

    I find it funny how, talent such as Michaels and Undertaker, really only take time off from real injuries and the inevitable old age. Yet some take that time off so they can go smoke weed (lol… I’m only teasing!). Seriously, though, the old school folks are so vastly different than this new crop of wrestlers. It’s very true to what they say in TNA. Mick Foley wrestled for little money and after breaking bones or getting his ear ripped off. Nowadays, guys take time off because they have a black eye or a hangnail. ::facepalm::

  • Vinny Alfano

    I really don’t think Jeff Hardy has a real love for the wrestling business. He just seems like he doesn’t care much about anything.

    I say put the belt on someone who cares for the industry.

  • csailor

    Is it for real this time ?…that guy(Hardy)had more chance than anybody else in that insdustry,I’m tired of him being in the spotlight all the time…

  • nck

    damn thats gonnas drop alot of viewers