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Jeff Hardy Dealing with Back Injury, Matches for Tonight’s TNA Impact Tapings

– TNA will tape episodes of Impact Wrestling tonight and tomorrow night in Orlando.

Matches for tonight’s tapings include TNA TV Champion Robbie E. vs. Rob Van Dam plus Brother Devon & The Pope vs. Mexican America vs. Ink Inc. in a #1 contender’s three-way.

– Jeff Hardy is currently working through a back injury that is limiting him on what he can do in the ring. Hardy’s injury is the reason why his match against Jeff Jarrett was cut short at the Turning Point pay-per-view. Hardy reportedly threw his back out several weeks before Turning Point.

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  • Tombstonepiledriver

    @Nicholas G and @venom, All my foolishness aside, It’s nice to see some on here still act like human beings.

    Nicholas that was very well said.

  • venom

    I hope Jeff doesn’t go back to the drugs and maybe everybody will start to like him again.

  • Nicholas G

    I am not a big Jeff Hardy fan nor am I a Matt Hardy fans. Both guys has wasted there talent that they both have. But I would never wish ill about any man hope Jeff Hardy gets his act together. That being said it not going to surprise me if Jeff Hardy has back injuries as he gets older it is what happens when you do those spot monkey type of moves. Which is why never been a big fan of a wrestler that is just great at high flying an not anything else. To me if Jeff Hardy had more wrestling skills he would be better off as a wrestler long term.

    It is why Edge career was cut short but at least Edge tried very hard at the end of his career to change his wrestling style in the ring. What I mean is Edge tried to do least high flying an do more wrestling in the ring. Jeff Hardy could try going to same way yeah a lot to ask but it would help his career because those high flying stuff really shorten a guy like Jeff Hardy career. To me Jeff Hardy move or to sloppy when I watch him live it seems like he miss a lot of his moves.

    In closing hope Jeff Hardy drug days are behind him yeah not a big fan. But don’t want to see harm on any person man or women.

  • Will Henderson

    Eric Nixon and Matt, you two are wrong, this man is trying his best to stay sober for the sake of his kids and his career. he did his time, and now he needs to stay sober, and this back injury could be the set back that forces a newly sober drug addict to go back to his addiction. i’m not hoping Jeff get’s his S*** together. sadly, when Jeff’s brother Matt Hardy get’s his s*** together, it will be too late, as in his enabler girlfriend Reby Sky will take it all away from him, his cash, his family, his home. Reby Sky is a succubus.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    From all understanding Jeff is doing good. @Eric Nixon that was just one nasty ass comment, Next I guess you would like for some one to give Casey Anthony a babysitting job? @Matt do you have some kind of proof of this? No? Didnt think so. Not defending what Jeff has done but if he is trying to get his life straight then needs support not jokes and critisism.

  • Matt

    im sure he has a nice supply stashed in the walls of his hom…i mean trailer 😛

  • Eric Nixon

    If Hardy’s dealing with some back pain, he should take some pain meds.