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Jeff Hardy Gets Another Continuance in Court Today

– Jeff Hardy’s court hearing scheduled for this morning in Moore County, North Carolina has been continued yet again. The new court date for the TNA World Champion is March 16th.

Hardy’s date was pushed back again because his lawyer, James Van Camp, is representing a client in a murder trial and could not appear for Hardy today. Hardy was not there either.

  • Mark

    I have to call bullshit on this. I feel that when Jeff had his “last” match in WWE, he said “SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE.” That was part of his opening in TNA so I believe that VINCE did what he did to Bret Hart to Jeff Hardy..Vince said Jeff bend over and this might hurt a bit. Vince is trying to bury Jeff Hardy…Has no one questioned this anonymus tip yet?( I know I probably misspelled it, but I don’t write it as much as I say it lol) Second was any warrant produced? AND AGAIN WHY HAVE NO REAL MEDIA OUTLEETS PICKED THIS SHIT UP YET? Even TMZ for pity sake? I have not head or seen anything on TMZ and you know how they love celebrity gossip..PLUS AGIN and I hate to keep bringing up this point, but when details were released about Benoit, WWE ran like scalded dogs and tried to bury any connection they had to him. Pulled his toys off the shelves, sblurred his image out of videos and would not even say his name. Jeff has had nothing but”DETAILS” given from day one and he is selling DVDS toys on the video games and everything so in the words of the Hurrican(I know I need to stop reading this internet shit) WHAT’S UP WITH That?

  • Adam

    Don’t forget that WWE made Jeff Hardy a massive offer where he would only have to wrestle TV events, would have a Hardy Boyz tag team title run for a decent amount of money AFTER his arrest.

  • JOE

    ^^^^ WHAT?!?!?!?!?

  • oxslangshoot

    tna is going to f*** the guts out of jeff ride the hell out of him then the other inmates wont have anything to f*** when he goes inside

  • CM Mark

    That is effin hilarious bud. ROFL!

  • Sam

    We all know Jeff payed the Judge to keep continuing the trials so Jeff has more time to split his crack in quarters while rolling some lil green buds.

  • M

    … and your right mark, during the time they wasted continuing the case, Jeff Hardy could have served the sentence and would have been let go by now.

  • M

    You know what? Now they are just stalling. There is no reason for continuing it AGAIN. They have had MORE THAN ENOUGH time to figure this out. Ridiculous….

  • mark

    If this was over here in the UK, would have been done ages ago

  • Mark

    This is what I stated in my previous comment. This case has been dragging along for two years and if it was as serious as has been reported all over the INTERNET(only) then of course Jeff would be in jail now. The fact is that there is no court in the United States that would put up with either the defense or the prosecution being so unprepared. The judge would have to make a decision based on what has been presented thus far. Right now that amounts to nothing because it keeps dragging on. Either sentance him or cut him the fuck loose.

  • mark

    this is getting silly now. he could have served a sentence by now.

  • Will Henderson

    this is f’ing getting old fast, why can’t this Judge just give up giving continuations and let Jeff go to jail already, we all know he’s guilty.

  • grapplin gorilla

    f**k jeff hardy….if any of us would have been busted with what he had we would have been tried and convicted already….again F**K jeff hardy

  • JOE

    @tomc i agree jeff needs a wake up call but you and everbody else knows that if he is convitced hell only do like what 6-12 months thats not long enough for a wake up call

  • Mark

    Basically this has been getting continued for the last two years. It is obvious that the prosecution does not have their shit together enoguh for trial. The other thought is that this is not high enough on the priority list for it to matter or lastly that it is all fictional anyway. I mean think of it, no REAL media outlets have picked up on it, and if it true no promotion on earth would touch Jeff Hardy with a ten foot pole. Look it how WWE has distanced themselves from Chris Benoit right after the details came out. There have been nothing but so called details on this case from the start and yet merchandise sales are still good and IT KEEPS GETTING CONTINUED.

  • TomC

    Was kind of hoping Hardy would get sentenced to SOMETHING this time around – as bad as that makes me sound. On the one hand, the guy needs a serious WAKE UP CALL. On the other, it’s stupid that they put the strap back on him – and TNA deserves a slap on the hand as well.

    Which PPV is scheduled for around March 16?