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— TNA Wrestling Superstar Jeff Hardy announced this afternoon on his Twitter account that he got married. His bride is Beth Britt, whom he met in 1999. The two have been in a relationship ever since.

In August 2010, Hardy announced that Britt was pregnant with the couple’s first child, a daughter, who was born on October 28.

— Brooke Adams, who is known in TNA Wrestling as Miss Tessmacher, recently participated in a bikini contest in Texas appearing fully recovered from an apparent jaw injury. She previously claimed on her official website, www.MissTessmacher.com, that a friend broke her jaw Christmas Day.

“The worst xmas I’ve ever had,” Adams wrote December 26. “Got hit my a friend in the jaw. Its now broken in two places. Now in the ER for the 3rd time. It was so wonderful to spend my xmas here in the ER for 9 hrs. Some damage may not be able to be fixed. Please keep me in your prayers. Hope everyone else had a wonderful xmas!”

source: SLAM! Wrestling

  • mark

    congratulations Jeff

  • scooter

    @CC Because matt said he was clean in a YT video and you know Hardy marks will beleive anything he says! Did you know he said he wasn’t fat and they believe that too?

  • EnderMX

    Actually, there is probably a better chance he has done something. This IS Jeff Hardy we are speaking about. Anyway, hopefully history is wrong and many congratulations to him.

  • CC

    @Joe. I am assuming that John is American and thus they have an annoying lazy habit of bastardizing English words to exclude certain letters.
    In English Judgement is spelled with an E after the G, but in America they can’t be arsed to use the E.
    It’s like all the words like flavour and colour where they insist on removing the U.

    As for the comments made by Jon-Jon, how the hell do you know he has been clean and sober since?
    Just because he hasn’t been caught for anything since, does not mean he hasn’t done anything since.
    While it’s fair enough that you want to defend him, as that is your choice, but do not try to defend him by making assumptions you obviously cannot back up.

  • Chuva

    Well, maybe next time Brooke will have Xmas dinner ready on time. Women have to learn somehow… am I right, or am I right?


    (yea, it’s a joke)

  • JOE

    @john……….um idk what school you went to, but that’s how you spell judgemental lol

  • John

    Maybe if you smoked a little less weed, you could spell judgmental correctly.

  • bloodstone

    maybe if some of you smoked a joint every once in a while you wouldn’t act like a bunch of judgemental pricks

  • theviewtvshow

    next time he gets caught with various drugs his wife can take the blame, considering how much of a pussy he is

  • V-R-A


    OMG that made me LOL. It should be a “Weed in the Bank” Match at this years Destination X winner gets a brief case filled with weed! LOL

  • http://deleted scooter

    @mj RVD smokes weed whilst Jeff takes whatever he can get his hands on
    I’m straight-edge but I commend Rob for standing by his convictions where as Jeff could be seen taking ecstacy and he’d deny having done anything! Afterwards he would claim he was getting clean just t be caught again 6 months down the!

  • M

    How about everyone just be happy for Jeff Hardy instead of continually bashing him. This should be the first step of making his life better. So congrats Jeff and Beth, and don’t waste your time reading these RIDICULOUS AND NEGATIVE comments.

  • venom

    Jeff Hardy and RVD still need to have that pot in a brief case ladder match. Both of them will get to the top of the ladder and say we are both high.

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    yet people still cheer RVD for him doing drugs yet ppl still bash hardy?

  • ##

    First of all Jon-Jon YOUR the one who needs to get off Hardy’s nuts. And remember Jeff keep all drugs in “high up” places so that the baby does’nt get to them.

  • kf

    Why does everyone think jeff should be in jail? Those who think he should be in prison (1 year or more) are far more delirious than you claim Jeff is. You people obviously have no knowledge of the legal system. Even if he was trafficking heroin he still would be looking at a few years probation and some SUSPENDED jail time WORST CASE SCENARIO! If he was a multiple time offender then this would, of course, be different but he isn’t. If he gets more than a slap on the wrist fine and a year probation I would be incredibly surprised. The only reason it is probably taking this long is because Jeff or his attorney think he should have the case completely dismissed because of his name recognition. I can’t imagine that an actual jail sentence was ever in the prosecutions mind. Well, maybe a jail sentence but theres no way the wouldn’t suspended the jail time pending good behavior. Kinda like how I have a driving under suspension that came with 3 days in jail but I never have been booked in my life. If your record is clean and your sentenced to jail time 99% of the time you don’t ever go to jail.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jonjon535353 Jon-Jon

    Get off Jeff’s nuts everyone. He hasn’t done a damn thing wrong since this whole case started back in November of ’09. He’s been clean and sober, had a child, got married, became a World Champion, and all you people continue to do is criticize him. He’s doing alot better for himself. I agree, this case shoulda been settled months ago, and he should be in prison, but the man is gonna walk away free. It’s obvious. And, at this point, I don’t care if he does or not. He’s clean and sober, so what’s the problem now?

  • dancounty09

    ah jeff got married when really he shuda bin in prison

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