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Jeff Hardy Rails WWE For Treatment Of Brother Matt, WWE Removes TNA Stars From Its Website

— During an interview with the Daily Star, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy railed World Wrestling Entertainment for their treatment of his brother Matt.

“I’m not going to give WWE their props for the way they’ve dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he’s been given the run-around. They’ve treated him like sh*t.

“I think if he came here, you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now.”

— The official WWE website has removed both Mick Foley and Mickie James from its Alumni site. Foley was recently added back to the section while James debuted last week for TNA Wrestling. It is company protocol to remove former WWE performers who appear for the rival promotion.

See photos of Mickie James’ new TNA ring gear – *TIGHT SHORTS* ->


  • adam tarasievich

    ya tna is no were near a rival for wwe. they just decide that there not going to give tna the free publicity like tna gives wwe when they mention them every week. Ya matt was good but he was only really good as a tag team wrestler with matt he is not a main event person as much as the people here and jeff and matt like to think he is. at most he is what wwe had him a mid card talent that is good in teh ring but much like his brother it must be a hardy thing neither of them could cut a promo to save there lives there mic skills are the worse thing i have ever heard.

  • Truthiness

    1. Jeff is just as delusional about Matt’s talents as Matt is.

    2. TNA is not WWE’s rival in any way.

  • Kelly

    Soulshroude you mean Panda Energy? o.o I KNEW IT!

  • Ronald

    That’s odd, because when Foley first joined TNA, his profile was immediately removed. Then, just randomly a few weeks ago, Vince decided to be nice and plug Foley’s book as well as re-add his profile to the alumni section. Now, suddenly, it’s just removed again? Bizarre.

  • kyle

    rival promotions? since when

  • Evil Doink

    @ Soulshroude – clearly you are smoking something.

  • Denz

    People like dumping on Matt Hardy, but he’s nothing like Jeff. He’s a much better wrestler. Not a high flyer. If you actually watch some of Matt’s wrestling matches, they’re really good. He’s had some good matches with Finlay, MVP, and Christian. I honestly thought WWE was going to pair him with Christian after Wrestlemania this past year. But it never happened and since then Matt has kinda faded from the limelight.
    I’d like to see Matt given one more push.

  • Soulshroude

    We all know that WWe and TNA are owned by the same corporation, I wish they would lift that veil already…

  • Paton

    it’s ok Jeff, soon he will be in TNA, but you won’t

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    id rather not see him at all. he’s no good anymore. and ive seen him since the beginning.

  • effmenow

    Why should the WWE be afraid to acknowledge TNA? I thought TNA was a joke to everyone? Clearly they arent competition.

    Matt Hardy has everything to be a top contender. And for those who disagree, I understand your brain-washing views on pro wrestling but before their was Superman Cena or Jack Swagger, there was this team called the Hardy Boyz. But more importantly, there was this Mattitude that once ruled Smackdown with the MF’ers. I’d rather see *Fat* Hardy work a 15 minute match with AJ Styles than see 2 hours of horrible acting.

  • RCA

    Company protocol or common sense?