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Jeff Hardy Released from Jail

– After serving his 10 day prison sentence stemming form his September 2009 drug arrest. Jeff Hardy tweeted on Thursday, “HailFreedom!”

  • lew

    yo get over it hes out hopefully he does right mabye he will maybe he wont its his life

  • venom

    I always liked Jeff Hardy but 10 days for what he did is nothing. We’ll see if he’ll be back in jail. I hope he learned his lesson.

  • ironcross

    if any of us run into him we should cripple him put him in a chair, then he can be a crippled drug addict, atleast we wont see him on our tv anymore

  • Terrance

    i hate jeff hardy. ten days really? !? ten days anit sh!t. sold drugs use drugs was caught with drugs and he got ten lousy days. eff that!! he’s a known phuck up and he just got a break.

  • Ray


    You’re probably a pill head yourself so stfu. He deserves to be in prison for at -least- a few years if not longer. He’s a piece of shit.

  • JOE

    @mark drug dealer??

  • Less then a year and he will be right back in there

  • Seth

    @JipC hypocritical much?

  • Dave

    It depends on whether you see prison as a means of retribution or a means of rehabilitation. Retribution wise, 10 days doesn’t really cut it. But if he now gets his life in order and never goes back to his old ways. Then it will have rehabilitated him.
    In wrestling and in life. He really is on his last chance.

  • mark

    damn rite jip c, hes a drug dealer and a drugs user. if it was over here in the UK, would have got aleast 3 years

  • theMark

    Rele? Jeff Hardy was arrested with TONS of drugs worth thousands, any typical person would be in jail for Years, but jus cause he’s a lil ol’ wrestler, that no one give a fuck, he gets 10 Days!?! And his trial was pushed back over a year?
    Give me a break! Jeff should be jailed for Years to teach him a Damn lesson.

  • JipC

    @ Mark
    Get that hate out of your heart dickhead. Your mother should have had an abortion

  • mark

    this idiot should have served years not days