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Jeff Hardy Returning to TNA as Willow, Lethal Lockdown Update, Next Week’s Impact, Alpha Female

– Jeff Hardy is returning to TNA as Willow. TNA posted the following vignette for his return:

– German wrestler Alpha Female made her TNA Impact Wrestling debut on last night’s show. She attacked Velvet Sky and sided with Chris Sabin.

– Gunner vs. Magnus for the World Title, The Wolves vs. Bad Influence and Gail Kim vs. ODB in a Street Fight has been announced for next week’s Impact.

– The Team MVP vs. Team Dixie Lethal Lockdown match at next month’s pay-per-view will be for the control of operations in TNA.

  • Tim

    Kevin Sullivan was the Taskmaster

  • Mike Bates

    They tried the Wyatt gimmick with Wylan Mercy back in 96 but he blew his knees out right away and it went nowhere. All wrestling is pretty much copies of other characters.

  • Ray Myer

    No kidding. Or the terrible Joker ripoff by Sting. I ignore the ICW nerds above. They really don’t have much to talk about if they can’t try arguing. :<

  • nick-hulk

    K- p fat fingers and quick typing don’t mix; idiot. Willow was supposed to be his disguise when used in mainstream, check out the ROH debut that went wrong. We wanted? R u close to Jeff r u to know his thoughts? Willow COULD be good in the right story but when they announce Jeff Hardy returning and we all know he gonna get the payoff match with Magnus later in the year to break the Dixie stronghold so seems an odd time to have a rebirth, followed by yet another later in the year

  • ViperVenom

    Its Willow the Wisp idiot. Also this would of been Jeffs idea not TNA as he has wanted to bring back the Willow character for a while now. I also think its good to see a change and he definatly has more charisma as Willow rather than his awkward promos as Jeff Hardy.

  • Showbiz1

    Could this get worse? Maybe Dixie in a submission match with Mike Tenay?? Please Vince…save these poor wrestlers from further embarrassment!

  • Andrew Kloman

    This must have been conceived while Hardy was coked out because that’s what it looks like it’d appeal to. Coke Head. That’s actually a better name then Willow. “We live, we die, we do lines”

  • stockshark2

    BTW ever heard of the Games master Kevin Sullivan?

  • stockshark2

    Another uneducated opinion!

  • what?

    if that’s the case fat boy is ripping of raven

  • hersherboy75

    wyatt rippoff ? lmao willow was arounds years already before wyatt go look up the videos . lol at the people think everone copys wwe

  • The Killswitch

    And a bad one at that. Almost like a ICP ripoff at the same time.

  • Ray Myer

    Wow. Wyatt ripoff, much?

  • TheFizPop

    LOL WWE and TNA are battling each other for who can produce the worst show!!!

  • nick-hulk

    So the announce Jeff Hardy returns at LOCKDOWN, only to bring him back as his (indie persona) spiritual conscence Willow the Wisk…. don’t expect a world title run in ur future Jeffery